COD4: Official GWJ 360 Clan Experiment

In light of the "view friends of a friend" ability included in the upcoming Xbox 360 Live Fall Update, I've established a silver Xbox Live account that will function as a pseudo clan list.

Here how it works: the clan list gamertag is GWJ COD4 Clan. Send a friend invite to the gamertag, and I'll accept you as a friend. If the new functionality works the way it ought to, the gamertag should provide ready access to a roster of devoted GWJ COD 4 players, even if they aren't on your personal friends list.

This isn't exactly an essential service, but it could come in handy. I know I have a full friends list that I occasionally cull people from to make room for more, and I certainly find myself in COD4 games with GWJers that aren't on my own list.

A couple of guidelines:

I've set up the clan gamertag account so it will be viewable only by friends of the account. I personally wouldn't mind it if the list were public, but I'm not sure everyone else feels the same way. So if you're not a friend of the clan, you won't be able to see who's on the roster.

I'm setting this up for regular COD4 players. If you rarely play COD4 multiplayer and you're unlikely to accept party invites from other GWJers, you may want to think twice about signing up. We only have 100 slots. I don't think they'll fill up, but just in case they do, I'll try to keep an eye on the roster so we can weed out folks who are no longer playing to make room for those who are.

This will be obvious to everyone who plays with GWJers regularly, but the clan roster I'm setting up here isn't intended for organized, hardcore competitive clan activities. And of course, the standard GWJ expectations of sportsmanship and conduct apply for everyone on the list. I'll moderate it if needed.

I figure we've got nothing to lose but a single slot on our friends lists, so we'll see how it goes! Post any feedback here, or PM me if needed.

Good idea and thanks for doing this. If it works I'll try for another site I visit.

Someone beat me to the punch. I saw this being suggested on PA and thought it was a great idea. Thanks for getting this started.

Done. Hope this catches on.

So far so good. And most folks friended so far isn't aren't my own personal friends list.

Nifty. I'm in!

I sent an invite too. I wondered if someone would jump on this after Tycho put up something about the idea on Penny-Arcade.

About 20 folks on board so far. I've accepted all invites.

I sent an invite as well. So we should get some use out of this tonight then?

Yep good timing with the event tonight.

I will try to be on tonight, but will probably be late (dinner out).

Edit: Not that you would miss me anyway, I just got the game and my level of play cannot be described as high.

Guys, every Tuesday I am torn between COD4 (360) and TF2 (West Coast Gaming Night). Given that the WCGNs are so few and far between (most GWJ events are scheduled for Central or Eastern, that I feel like I need to support WCGN). As a result, I will be TF2-ing tonight. I hope to rejoin you all tomorrow.


Just accepted another round of invites. We've got about 40 folks so far.

I'll be sending an invite tonight. Also, if this group really gets big, we could just open another silver account, (i.e. GWJ COD4 Clan 2/3/4...) I don't think there's no limit on the # of silver accounts one can have.

See you online soon.

I'm down for COD4 anytime, by the way, and even when I'm not online I'm often monitoring my friends list via a browser. Start a party; I'll probably wander in.

I am still waiting for my friend request into the clan to be accepted.

Gaald wrote:

I am still waiting for my friend request into the clan to be accepted.

I believe a prerequisite is to also be a member of the GWJ Rock Band Clan. I am sorry but at this time your request has been denied.

All joking and kidding aside, it looks like the clan was online about 16 hours ago so hopefully he will get to you soon. If not I am sure we can pester The Fly on your behalf.

Apologies to anyone who waited more than a day or two for their invite to be accepted. After the initial rush the clan account was pretty dead for a while. Not anymore.

We've actually filled 70 slots so far.

Believe it or not, we recently maxed out the friends list for the clan. And more friend requests were pending.

In order to make room for the new friend requests, I removed a few clan members who hadn't been online for several weeks. I also removed a few with Silver level accounts, for obvious reasons. Sorry to anyone who got booted, but if you don't have a gold account and you're rarely online, I doubt you'll miss it.

I also pushed out a clan-wide message asking anyone who isn't using the clan list (or who doesn't intend to use it in the near future) to consider dropping it.

Thanks guys.

I also pushed out a clan-wide message asking anyone who isn't using the clan list (or who doesn't intend to use it in the near future) to consider dropping it.

You can drop me (RiverRatMatt) from it. Not going to have time for serious gaming for a while.