"Please insert the original disc instead of a backup copy (1000)"

Has anyone seen this message before? I just installed a brand new copy of Crysis and when I tried to start it up, I get this weird message. I rebooted the PC, put the disc back in, but couldn't play it from the desktop icon or the original disk. Any thoughts? Do I need to return the game?

I reinstalled and it seems to be working ok. Other folks on the interwebz claim that the Securom anti-piracy code creates this issue with some disks.

The moment I saw that Crysis that had a lengthy, humongous installation from the disc I bought and then required me to have said disc in drive on startup, I went to GameCopyWorld and got a no-CD crack.


Now if only someone would make a no-logos crack...

Go to the install folder and replace all the .bik files with empty .txt files with the same exact filename.

Ur L33t Hax0rz lol.