Greg Oden Interviewed by Gametap


Greg Oden wrote:

"I'm a big fan of Guitar Hero. On Guitar Hero II, I couldn't get enough of playing Free Bird."


Great so not only does he get injured playing DDR, he now is going to have constant tendonitis from playing GH.

How does a guy this funny/cool get injured for the year while Stephon Marbury's still running around?

Right now, Oden's still in the first phases of rehab, doing pool work and stretching while trying to kill time by writing a blog, watching TV, and playing with his new dog, which he affectionately named Charles Barkley McLovin'.

Alright, now he's my favorite player ever.

Well on the bright side I heard the local Blazer's beat writer on our sports talk station this week. He is reporting the Oden has bulked up a bit. When he was drafted he weighed in the low to mid 250s. He is now over 280 and is at the same body fat % (7.6 or 7.8%).