APF2k8 - Legends League S2 created - Time to sign up

If you guys arnt full yet I can join. Since the last remake got cut down I thought this would be full by now. But if the two mentioned above do not join let me know and I will fill the spot.

First come, first serve, Fred. Everyone who wanted to, should have gotten off their asses and signed up by now. If you want in, get in.

Absolutely, first come, first served. Let's fill this up so I can quit changing my damn team. I don't even recognize it anymore! Hell, I'm even changing my teams uniform. Orange pants? What the hell? Maybe I better go back and change them to silver again...

Yeah, join up, Fred. It's becoming clear that a prerequisite for getting this league together is people who actually want to take the time to sign up. So if you have the much initiative you're welcome into our humble league.

Admittedly, that's a low bar, given how long it's taken to get Season 2 started. But if you want to play and can sign up, then do it. Those of us who want to play will be glad to have you.

Yeah, let's get this going!!

I will sign up this evening.

I just logged in, looks like we got 10 teams. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!