APF2k8 - Legends League S2 created - Time to sign up

Soooo.... Jayhawker locked me down. I decided to take liberties (since this is my last chance being in front of an XBox before I go on vacation) to swap my team back to the way it was built last year. So this means hopefully one last sign-up drive. Jayhawker gave me permission to do it.

locked you down?

We played a game last night, and he didn't really move the ball very well.

He started really regretting some changes he had made, so he talked about tweaking his roster, but that it was too late, since he would have to delete and restart the league to do it. Since there were just four of other people signed up, including me, I told him I thought it was ok to this here.

While waiting for people to sign up, I will continue to tweak my roster. If I make any changes, I just drop out of the league, and then immediately sign-up again, and my changes are now made. Since we all have this ability, but he doesn't, I thought it was only fair to give him this one shot to make some changes he wants to do. He's off to Hawaii now, and won't be making more changes anyway.

That was the "permission" I gave, anyway.

Yes, you're off the hook, Jayhawker.

The permission part was mostly tongue in cheeck. I'll check in periodically over the next 2 weeks. If we get the gang together I'll get the schedule put together.

So is the password still Goodjers? I tried to join last night and had issues.

Let's sign up before DS gets back!

Edit: Okay, things worked tonight. Looking forward to getting this started!

Tried to sign up last night, and ran into password problems myself. Will try again today.

Sorry guys my X-box had to be sent to X-Box to be fixed. I dropped the box of today at UPS, but because of the holiday ups won't be shipping again into Monady. So it will take about 2 about weeks I'll try and see if I can sign up on the web site. If not I won't be able to get into the league cause I can't get signed in without my X-Box.

Jayhawker wrote:

Tried to sign up last night, and ran into password problems myself. Will try again today.

Yeah, it was funny -- one day the password didn't seem to work, another day it worked just fine! I dropped and rejoined today to update my team. I'm either gonna suck, rock, or fall somewhere in between...

With Frankie going out I'll take that as an opportunity for me to drop from this one too.

I've just kind of lost interest. The game's still fun and I'll be up for the occasional pickup game if I'm online in APF. But If I can't even work up the desire to put the game in long enough to sign up (which I still haven't) then I think I need to take it as a sign that I shouldn't, lest I be that douchebag that makes it a hairpulling experience to get a game in, plays for three or four weeks, and then drops from the league.

I'm back home. Are we going to get this thing going? How many do we have left? If people are dropping that unfortunately means I need to redo the league.

Also, anyone else notice that ESPN NFL 2k5 became backwards compatible?

I signed up, but I don't know if the league was redone since, I'm checking now. If I'm not signed up, I am still interested, now that I've gone to a 37" widescreen HDTV so I can see the entire screen instead of having my sideline receivers chopped off the screen.

We're still doing the league. I just have to figure out what the number is as a couple people dropped out while I was gone.

At this point, let's just make it a 10 team league. If you can't get signed up in time, then sorry. I'd rather have a ten team league of guys that hurried to sign up than a 12-14 team league that is waiting on the last few to finally get in.

Of course, I'm ok with whatever is decided.

Good idea. Restarted, 10 teams.

Great...I'll try to join tonight.

I'm in. Looks like we have three so far. Hopefully we can this thing rolling soon.

I have to join again? Awh... OK, I will soon.

baggachipz wrote:

I have to join again? Awh... OK, I will soon.

Um... Sorry?

Wish I had some control over people signing up faster. We'd be on Season 4 by now.

I signed up tonight, so we're halfway there...

I'm in.

I'm in when I get home (I know, I know, I've said that last week, lol)

Damn. Forgot I have to re-re-signup. I'll do it tonight.

im in


Who's left...we only need three more.

Kush?? ChrisLTD? Prederick?

Those three (or any three) would get us started...

Yes, get your arses signed up so we can play some FOOZBALL!

What takes longer? You guys to sign up or sending your x-box from New York to Texas to get fixex and back? You guys getting signed up I'm in. If it causes a problem, I'll drop out but if not lets get this going.

Please let's get going? Do I need to shrink the league again? Are there people we need to PM?

I'm in... looks like 2 slots available.

Frankie -- I'd say if you've got your box back, join us! I know Kush expressed an interest...i've heard from him that he's joining, so we'll just have to push him...The two of you would make a full league!