APF2k8 - Legends League S1 - Week 8

ruthless, I will be available tonight and Wednesday for the game. I want to avoid between 8-10pm EST tonight, let me know when you're available

Grumpicus wrote:

We still on for tonight, Bagga?

Yeah, what time? I don't really care much about tonight's NFL game, so that doesn't affect my schedule. What about 9:30c?

9:30c. See you then.

Frankie, we're into my days where I'm generally wide open. I'm home tonight and off work the next three days. Say when.

Just two more games to go and I glanced at the standings just now. Things got REALLY interesting quickly. I'm not sure how tie-breakers work, but Prederick may have just played himself into the playoffs on the strength of a 3 game winning streak and beating Bean. Wow!! If that holds. Wow. I went from dead in the water to playoff team to maybe home field advantage and now I need the help of Frankie to play a home game first round. What a wild end to the season. Toss out Jayhawker who had many forfeits due to XBox troubles and nearly everyone is going to finish the season within a game of other playoff teams.

Can anyone stop Slumberland and Ruthlessmuffin? Questions to be answered soon.

Actually, check that. Frankie wins and there are 3 teams at 5 and 3. Not sure how the seeds go in that case. It will be interesting to see. We're almost there.

...which also means a few games until the first champion is crowned and then we try our new teams out.

Gumbie, just checking in to make sure there's a notice on this page. Are you free tonight by any chance?

Yep how does 9:15 central sound?

I can make that work.

Thin_J I will be on tonight after 8:30 you can find me then or can play all night Wedensday

Let's do tomorrow. How early/late are you available?

Gumbie, I've been in the lobby for 20 min. Do I have the time conversion wrong? In any case, I'm going to play some Orange Box. We'll figure out some other time.

Slumberland pulls off the undefeated season. I was trying to be Stanford against his USC...didn't work out

Good game Slumberland.

Good game Gumbie!

And I finish out the season with three losses in a row. Frankie kicked a field goal with three seconds remaining to break a tie and win the game.

How many players go to the playoffs? Is it 4? or 8? I don't even get how it works with this number of teams

Thin_J wrote:

How many players go to the playoffs? Is it 4? or 8? I don't even get how it works with this number of teams :)

It's a little odd. Obviously having more teams would be idea. Basically 2k doesn't make it terribly flexible. You can't, say, set it up to have 6 playoff teams. Two with bye weeks and the rest playing. You have to choose 4, 8, 16, etc. So I chose 8, assuming that a 4 player playoff would be a tad boring and short. So the top 8 teams are in.

4 teams are tied for the 7 and 8 seeds. I'm not sure how the tie-breakers work, but we'll find out soon when I log on and roll the season into the playoffs. News to follow soon.

Looking forward to it. Mostly though I'm just looking forward to it being over so we can all switch teams.

Wow, that was crazy. It didn't handle it automatically.

It forced me to choose the final spot between Prederick, Bumpie (Bean) and Kush. All this data can be found online if you're curious.

Anyway, I tried to go by head to head, but during the season the following happened.

Prederick beat Bean
Bean beat Kush
Kush beat Prederick

So going on PF/PA Bean (Bumpie) gets the last playoff spot.


Prederick 167 / 192
Bean 205 / 201
Kush 205 / 211

So by a hair, Bean squeaks into the playoffs. The brackets are set and here are the Week 1 matchups.

Thin J vs. Frankie
Baggachipz vs. DSGamer
Slumberland vs. Grumpicus
Ruthless vs. Bean

Good luck everyone!