LaSalle Bank (Chicago) Marathon

I guess it's all over cable news, but I don't tend to watch it. I bet some folks ahve thoughts they want to share.

Some rough notes:
- There were some 17,000 runners.
- They called the race off after 3 1/2 hours due to record heat and humidity (highs were around 90F).
- Some 300 runners ended up going to the hospital for heat exhaustion and related ailments.
- One guy died, but it turns out that was due to a heart condition and not caused by the heat.
- There have been some complaints that there wasn't enough water.
- There have been reports that runners toward the front of the pack were stopping at water stations and taking an average of six cups, because some of them wanted to throw water on themselves as well as drink a few.
- Some "experts" have said this will be really bad for Chicago's Olympic bid.
- Other "experts" have said that not only will it be forgotten by then, but that all the "elite" runners were just fine on Sunday.

From what I can tell without exposinbg myself to too much cable news network trash, there's an awful lot of yelling going on. I think it was hotter this past weekend than October in Chicago ever has a right to be, and that it thoroughly ruined my experience at the Long Grove Apple Festival, which is usually a time for cider and showing off your best outfit from the wardrobe of Married: With Children or Rosanne. Some elderly lady got carted off form that, too, even while a nearby RN and the lady both told the paramedics that she just needed some shade and some water instead of all the fuss and embarrassment. Oh well, I got me some delicious apple donuts.

Anyway, what do folks think?

90 degrees and humid? That's early spring or late fall in Louisiana...