Team Fortress 2

1Dgaf wrote:

Quite how I'll split my time between Halo 3, this and Call of Duty 4 I don't know.

10% Halo 3, 10% TF2, 10% CoD4, 70% Shadowrun... right?

11:01, Unreleased. Why the f*ck didn't they just say Tuesday? I can't even imagine how many hundreds of thousands of paying customer hours they wasted with this bullsh*t. It's purely rude.

Well, I feel kinda stupid now because I canceled going out for drinks with a few friends of mine tonight for this... I started on my new job today and it is a very exciting position in a very big and promising company so I was paying beer to my buddies... And tomorrow I will actually go out and won't be able to play. Damn Valve!

00:04:19 ( Red) Dario : i have to admit, this is pretty sad! just us playing, I don't feel any public love
00:04:27 ( Blue) mattycakes : ouch
00:04:31 (RCON): Noone can load it!
00:05:00 (RCON): Would you guys like to join us on vent to troubleshoot it?
00:05:48 ( Blue) mattycakes : `
00:06:07 ( Blue) mattycakes : ao what's up...we need to hit a different server?
00:06:18 (RCON): You guys are silly.
00:06:22 (RCON): You don't have a clue do you?
00:06:34 (RCON): You don't have a clue that NOBODY without a vavle id can log in
00:06:45 (RCON): Or perhaps you do.
00:07:20 ( Red) Captain Chaos : hello mikeb
00:07:26 ( Red) MikeB : hello

SO f*ckING GOOD i going to bed for real now and i'm angry

They got it to work. However as soon as I joined a game the power went out on my entire block. It only lasted about 20 minutes. Valve killed the electricity in my area.

I would have thought gamers would have been used to this stuff by now. It's programming. Stuff happens. Bugs crop up... in this case with the Linux server. After having experienced a multiplayer game launch without enough dedicated servers, I'd say this was decently important. (the windows servers would have been packed, but that's a good thing, right? i wonder how many preorders there are)

Wow! I am in love! TF2 will you marry me?

Love the art design and the kitschy humor. After a couple of hours it seems pretty balanced and the classes and weapons feel right. Fell back into my old demoman role and it brought back some cool memories of TFC all-nighters. Can't wait to get some long GWJ sessions going.

Aye, I want some GWJ TF2 and soon. I loved playing the Spy, felt right at home.

Had a great time with Edwin and freakin' Nossid stabbing us again and again.

Very good times. Have to play with more of you all at once as soon as I can.

This is taking forever to download and

Mine did the same thing, double click it and it make the decryption start and the final download will jump up to 98% and be done in around a minute or less.

Roo wrote:

Had a great time with Edwin and freakin' Nossid stabbing us again and again.

Very good times. Have to play with more of you all at once as soon as I can.

Hohoho. Stabbin' and stalkin' people you are on vent with is probably as good as it gets.

*Legion*: yes, I ought to eat a crow on that one.

I jumped on this morning to see it had finally launched, only to see no servers whatsoever available to me. Here's hoping it'll be a busy place after work today!

So.. I'm looking this morning and I see people playing, but TF2 is apparantly "Downloading" something at 0.0kb/s and is frozen at 65%.

I can't play. Wee. is 4:50 in the morning and I finally had to stop. That was SOOOO much fun. Amazing!

Thin_J wrote:

So.. I'm looking this morning and I see people playing, but TF2 is apparantly "Downloading" something at 0.0kb/s and is frozen at 65%.

I can't play. Wee.

Try closing steam and restarting it.

I did. Three times now

Mine did the same thing Thin_J, try actually double clicking TF2 in your games list. It started decrypting the files when I did that.

Posting the same thing here as in the "kickoff" thread:

I'm going to preface this by saying that my first great online FPS love was Team Fortress Classic. I only stopped playing the mod because everyone I knew moved on to other games. So, my impressions are biased by my past love for TFC.

Notwithstanding, this game is awesome. In my humble opinion. It's not radically different from TFC, but there will be a little adjusting.

Some of it is little stuff. For example, I tend to play engineer, and had to get used to facing in the direction I wanted a sentry gun to be pointed when building. In TFC, you had to build with your back to your intended kill zone.

The lack of grenades for most classes (in the old TFC everybody had them) is great for engineers. On the downside, they took away the old "build you gun off a ledge" trick. I guess it's wash though.

I love the graphics direction. True to the previews. It really works for this game.

On my third round, I started to sample other classes. I found myself literally giggling as a spy when enemy medics healed me, or when I one-shotted a enemy soldier on its way to my base. The new "invisibility cloak" makes it much easier for a spy to embed himself across enemy lines, even though it only lasts a short time. In TFC, the hardest part of playing a spy was getting into the enemy base and getting disguised.

I played the demoman very briefly. I got into a protracted firefight with a soldier which was fun.

I've been playing a lot of MMOish type games for the last couple of years (Guild Wars, WoW). This game is probably the first in a while to really get me interested in playing FPSes again.

As with all games, I'm sure this game will have its day in the sun and then most folks will move on to the next big game. But for a while, this is going to be fun.

Yeah, I hate Steam. It was annoying to spend hours downloading the game and getting it decrypted. But in the end, I think having an extra couple of weeks to play the game while it's still shiny and new is going to be worth it.


Just played for about an hour and the game is everything I thought it would be. Pure awesomeness! Each of the classes are fun to play and it'll be a while before I can pick a favorite.

So it finally is open. I had to leave last night - I am going to try and get back there this afternoon and get a couple of hours in.

Dammit I can't wait to be off work. I spent countless late nights in 1999 playing TFC. It was harder then to get friends in on it because most of them either wouldn't keep legit copies of their games, didn't have a decent computer or hadn't gotten around to the newly-established broadband internet in our area. Memories!

Thin_J wrote:

I did. Three times now :(

I had the same problem. There was a button 'Stop Refreshing' and nothing was refreshing. Clicking the 'Stop Refreshing' button actually started refreshing the list.