NBA 2007-2008 Catch All: Preseason

Didn't see a current NBA thread going and the real first big news for this upcoming season has landed besides the KG trade.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Greg Oden's rookie season with the Portland Trail Blazers abruptly ended before it began when the 7-footer had knee surgery on Thursday.

There goes a ton of interest I had in the NBA regular season. Was really looking forward to the Oden vs Durant rookie race it could of been one for the ages as they were both rated to make impacts on their bad teams this year. Besides any Fantasy BBall I do I will end up ignoring the majority of the season besides the Xmas game and so on and only start caring closer to the playoffs.

Knicks = toiletbowl

Once again I must profess my hate for the NBA. Not basketball, I used to play but my grudge will stand until a Vancouver team is brought back. And David Stern is shot in the balls. And Steve Nash wins more.

I don't think Durant will really have much impact this year. He'll be a decent player on a bad team.