Army of Two Catch All Thread


I for one am excited about this game. I know it's coming from EA but it looks hopeful. I hadn't heard much about it till my brother (who doesn't even have internet) told me about it. Comes out in November, says 11/15... but thats a Thursday, so we'll see. Here's the Gametrailers page for the game along with the usual fountian of gameplay vids, Interviews, and trailers.

Army of Two

Here's gamersyde's impressions. Although it certainly seems like there's room to make a shooter centered completely around cooperative play, getting the shooter elements nailed would be just as important as ever. Doesn't look like they're there yet based off the videos, but sometimes that stuff can be hard to judge without playing it.

I'm definitely on the fence here and leaning more toward a complete skip then rental. It looks very generic and aside from some gimmicky cooperative elements, there doesn't seem to really be much too draw gamers in.

This looks like the Brokeback spinoff of Gears of War.

There's such little information about it that it makes me worry a bit. Usually when developers don't give a lot of info or allow people to preview the game it tends to turn out on the crappy side.

1Up's recent podcast described how this game has gotten a recent "Gearsafication" done to it, copying the camera angels effectively. From everything i've heard, it looks to be another fun co-op shooter in the same style as Gears. I can't see why this would be any less fun than that, but it is quite a big shadow to be sitting under.

I'm really into the weapon customization aspects of CoD4, and if I recall correctly this has a similar "gun bling" system. I don't know if it will be as much fun in coop or 3rd person, though.

TrashiDawa wrote:

This looks like the Brokeback spinoff of Gears of War.

Which implies that Gears wasn't already totally homoerotic in a Tom Of Finland bear kind of way.

TrashiDawa wrote:

This looks like the Brokeback spinoff of Gears of War.

Which implies that Gears wasn't already totally homoerotic in a Tom Of Finland bear kind of way.[/quote]


It seems like Army of Two is a couple more out of the closet though than Gears though.

Myself and a few of my friends have been eagerly anticipating this one. I agree that the lack of previews so far (although Gamespot recently did a nice one) has me nervous, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and still hold out hope that it will be as fun as its premise.

Good to see a few other people looking forward to it. I agree that it copies heavily from Gears of War... but if you're gonna copy something why not go after one of the best? Gears was fun and I don't see this being any less fun. unless they just drop the ball completely on the gameplay.

Well, this is surprising. Army of Two has been delayed until early 2008

I am both surprised and disappointed by this as I was quite looking forward to this game. It is surprising that EA has decided to let a title they were banking on slip past the Christmas season in order to polish it more. Could this be the proof in the pudding that EA is turning over the new leaf like they claimed?

I am surprised and a little disappointed, but I'm relieved to see they are giving it a bit more time for polish. I am hoping this turns out good. The aggro management/manipulation that they've discussed is one of the MMORPG elements that I've always enjoyed in combination with strategic clearing of 'instances'. I am hoping this delivers that type experience in an offline co-op game.

There was a preview in Edge Magazine this month that suggested the game was delivering less and less of what they originally claimed each time they saw it, so maybe the delay will be a good thing.

Maybe they're putting in an Army of Two "Hot Canteen" mode?

Wow... on Gamesradar:

"We were all set to review Army of Two this issue and had been playing a very complete beta in preparation for the arrival of the finished code, only for EA to pull the game weeks before its November release. It's probably for the best, since we were all geared up to stove its face in.

At various points throughout the last year, we've looked at the game and felt a sense of heart-warming optimism for a title that should have plugged the gap between Gears of War and Gears 2 very nicely. But like Disneyland, professional wrestling and hardcore pornography, the reality is far less pleasing than the fantasy.

We're accustomed to being offended by bad games, but it's not often we find ourselves objecting on a moral level. Not even Manhunt's lead nutcase revels in murder to the extent of Army of Two's infantile high-fiving redneck jackasses whose every action is based on some right-wing idea of how great the war on terror is. One minute, the game will throw in a bit of lefty politics ("We'll never find Osama; this war is all about oil") and the next you're gunning down row after row of generic suicide bombers and facing religious fundamentalists who call you and your "˜bro' "F***ing infidels" before blasting you with a grenade launcher.

As it stands, Army of Two is a juvenile swear-fest with clumsy controls, a story apparently penned by a seven year old who hates them ay-rabs, laughable level design that tosses you into a cut-scene every thirty seconds, sub Perfect Dark Zero graphics and the two least likable characters in gaming history. We'd rather play as a Bubsy the Bobcat/Raiden from Metal Gear Solid tag-team than these two douchebags. The delay is a stay of execution. It has four months to get even vaguely good. Hope for a miracle."

The bottom of the page has the buttons labeled:
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That matches what I've been hearing. Maybe they'll hand the game over to Bioware

Lots of similarities between this one and Kane & Lynch, it seems.

Not all Montreal studios were created equal it seems.

I just want to end a sentence with "it seems".

Wow. This is quite disappointing to hear. Army of Two was a title I was really looking forward to.

Hmm, I was really interested in the co-op and aggro systems they've described to date.

The Gamesradar preview statement is relatively short, but I'll take it along with the fact of actual delay to heart, reminding myself to wait on reviews for this one. Besides, I think Santa will have me in gaming paradise for a few months anyways.

If the portrayal of human death is so callous (as opposed to CoDs, TC:GR&R6 etc that have inspired some good family discussions and don't revel in be-littleing virtual human deaths)... not sure I would want it in our gaming library

The only thing is they were talking about a review copy of the game.

This comes out Tuesday how many people are interested in this? I hope the co-op is as good as it looks.

Slytin wrote:

This comes out Tuesday how many people are interested in this? I hope the co-op is as good as it looks.

I still am interested even after all the initial bad press. For me, all I am looking for is a co-op shooter I can play with my friends over XBOX live, not Gears of War 2. I do not have very high expectations for this game, so I get the feeling I am going to enjoy it. Additionally, I really like the customization options you can do with each character and am very much intrigued by the aggro concept they are using.

Sadly, with my current work schedule, I probably won't be able to really sink time into this until April

I've got this preordered. I think it looks like a blast in co-op and thats exactly what I'm getting it for.

"May the fickle gods of gaming hopes and dreams not prove me wrong!"

Amazon free shipping will mean I get it later than day-one adopters I'm sure, so I may join the impressions thread a few days late.

I look forward to Goodjer impressions on this one. The poor initial impact this had combined with the added development time makes this release a wild card.

Wow, I was really looking forward to this game too - but that gamesradar review has really put me off. I will probably try to rent if I can find it, if it is as bad as that review morally a media s**tstorm is sure to follow, and with that type of press you never know some stores/renters may pull. I hope its not bad - I really like the idea of the 2 player co-op, with back to back shooting and other 2 player manuvers.

I just put this in my Gamefly Queue. There's just been such a media blackout that I don't trust buying without trying.

Trainwreck wrote:

I just put this in my Gamefly Queue.

Same here. The idea interests me, but not enough to buy without better impressions.

I'm definitely still interested in this, but it's kind of a back-burner game for me. I know that nearly none of my friends will be picking this up and my plate is somewhat full so this can wait for a wee price drop.

There are a bunch of new videos on GameTrailers that might help sway people to one side of the fence. I'm still not sure if I want to pick this one up but it's looking better in the last round of vids.