APF2k8 - Legends League S1 - Week 3

We're on to week 3 with hopes that Jayhawker can get a new 360 soon, fleas leave Thin J's home alone :), and I can channel the full power of Okoye into generating some offense.

Week 3 is on, let's play.

As usual, I'm available just about every night starting at 9:30 CST. Let me know what works for you, Gumbie.


I should be on tonight after 9:30 cst. If something happens and I'm not on tonight, I should be clear all this week past 9:30.

Kush, I'll add you to my friend's list...probably tomorrow night late (after 10 pm EST) is the best for me. If not then, it'll likely have to wait until Wednesday or later.

I'm pretty flexible. Tonight would be fine. Any night this week, really. Just remember I'm on Left Coast time.

Sorry, Gumbie. The kids resisted bed tonight. I'm online now if you're around.

Dang, good game, Ruthless. I may yet struggle through this season and manage to save it somehow.

Good game Grumpicus. I'm glad we finnaly got everything working after all the weird sh*t that was going on.

0-3 not fun. I'm thinking I'm in a little bit over my head.

Gumbie wrote:

Good game Grumpicus. I'm glad we finnaly got everything working after all the weird sh*t was going on.

One of these days I'll get a win...

I predict... week 5 you'll get a win.

Bumpie (Bean?), I should be able to play tonight, Wednesday, or Thursday if you're available for any of those.

Normally tuesday would work but I don't expect to be home. Have plans for a belated birthday celebration for myself so hopefully I really won't be home

Note: the fleas seem to have given up against our seemingly neverending onslaught of poisons and floor treatments. That shouldn't be an issue anymore

Frankie' and I have already talked about gettin' it done soon. I almost was ready last night, but saw he was hosting Rainbow Six: Las Vegas and good thing for I had to bail soon after. GRAW tonight, but I'll keep a look out for you Frankie' throughout the rest of the week.

Firesloth, I'm available tonight, I will be on at 10pm. If not, I should be available Wed

Anyone want to log in as Jayhawker and throw the game for me?

Kush -- I probably *won't* be on tonight...some surprise overnight guests have shown up at my house. I'll send a message if anything changes and watch for you on Wednesday late.

OK, sounds good!

Thin_J, Bumpie will be on tonight after 7:30pm EST, FYI. Sorry this post is getting out so late.


To paste me and continue the New York Demon's attempt to gain the coveted #1 draft pick.

Hey Frankie', if you are reading this I'll try to get on tonight for the game. I'll send you a enquiry if you are playing RB6:LV as usual to see if you are available. No big if your in the middle of a furball. We can do it some night later this week.

Kush15 wrote:

Thin_J, Bumpie will be on tonight after 7:30pm EST, FYI. Sorry this post is getting out so late.

Yeah, kinda needed someone to get back to me before about 5pm. Also: checked this thread yesterday and when a quick scan didn't reveal a post by Bean I just closed the thread. Totally didn't notice you posting for him.

Tricksy hobbits.

Sorry Thin J,

I normally check boards more often.
Just started a new position (promoted from NJ accounting grunt to New York City Controller for the parent company!!) and in the training phases and train commute left me away from the internet. I'll be around tonight (tuesday) after 6 EST, Wednesday through the end of the week, probably more around 8pm EST. Sent you a friends request last night.

Oh it's all good man. I just missed the post the first time. No biggie.

Excellent game man. I must've watched the replay of that last run four or five times and I still can't believe it worked. If I'd followed my normal instincts I would have run out the left and gone one on one with your lone safety and maybe given him the shoulder, or possibly just get tackled. Instead I went the seemingly stupid route and angled right into all the mess and got lucky. Craziness.

Crazy close game on the numbers side too.

Yeah, great game. Well played.
(Darn you Harper for not knowing how to drag your feet at the sidelines!!!)

Look me up for a game anytime.

Prederick, how does tomorrow night strike you?

kush -- Ugh; sorry to do this, but just learned my mom is coming into town...*may* be able to play late, but she's gonna' want to play Bioshock.

Can we try for tomorrow?

Not a problem, gf is coming over tonight, because I didn't get enough abuse from her as her Phillies beat my Mets in extra innings last night (and yes, we were on hand for that debacle). I may be on late tonight, and should be on sometime between 10:30-11pm on Thurs night.

Hey frankie', I'll be on tonight. I may be playing a baseball game with Swampy, but if I see you, we should go for it. My weekend will be dicey in that I'm going out of town for some of it, and I don't want to wait till the last minute to get it done. I'll just keep an eye out.

Slumberland wrote:

Prederick, how does tomorrow night strike you?

I get out of work at 7:30. I'd like to hit the gym for a bit, how does 9:00 strike you?

Perfecto! This is eastern time we're talking, right?

The Lord's time, indeed.

Firesloth, I have some work to do back at the office tonight, so it will be closer to 11-11:30pm

Kush << I'll see what I can do...that may work out. If not, I'm free all Saturday (day and night...family'll be out of town)...well, before and after the ND game, that is.