(H) Hunter on Lightbringer looking for PUG'S or Guild

Hey all. New to the site. Being that i have a job and all I've found WOW time hard to come by. I still play a bit most nights, but mostly on weekends (probably not anymore now that FOOTBALL (woot) is here). Anyway, I'm looking to run any lvl 70 5-man from around 5p.m. - 10p.m. server time ( i know that's early, but I'm CST so much past that and i'm gunna be draggin in to work lolz). SV, Bot, Mech, Arch...etc. SV especially right now to get Cenarion rep up (plus it's short).

Look me up if you're on Lightbringer server. Char Name: Porsupuesto. If you type that (Porsupuesto) into the armory search @ www.worldofwarcraft.com i'll be the only one (70 Orc Hunter).

Hope to see y'all in game.


Unfortunately, I don't think you will find anyone on these forums with a Character on Lightbringer. The GWJ Horde clan is on Baelgun and the Alliance clan is on Blackhand.

Having said that, Welcome to GWJ and your certainly encouraged to participate in all the WoW discussion that occurs.

I'm on Lightbringer but I am level 57.