APF2k8 - Legends League S1 - Week 2

Jayhawker wrote:

I'd say next week sometime, I may pick one up. I haven't been able to get the rings of death yet, so I haven't sent mine out.

Just send it anyway man. Sometimes the RROD error is intermittent. Just say that when you call. It doesn't matter if they're able to reproduce it. When they get the box they'll start it up to test it and when it freezes they'll go to work.

Did the trick, Thin. I called, and just explained the video problem. At one point they asked if there were any red rings, which I said I saw once. So now my coffin should be here in about four days. If I can find a Premium 360 with HDMI, I may pick one up before mine comes back, and just sell my repaired 360. I don't really want the Elite, so the trick is finding the new Premiums with HDMI. My set has three HDMI inputs, and one is just waiting for a 360 to plug into it, so the difference between buying a new Premium, and whatever I can get for my repaired 360 may be worth it, if just to get a new fresh 360, and not some refurb.

But yeah, move along without me until I get myself set up again.

Frankie apparently, while not posting, has been wondering what's going on. I gave Frankie the win because I couldn't give a tie.... then I advanced the season to week 3. See that thread.