APF2k8 - Legends League S1 - Week 1

Unlike our first attempt, the second game Slumberland and I attempted was set to be a real barn-burner. His quick-strike offense is potent; stack the line against the Earl Campbell freight train, and he has no problem with tossing it past everyone to take it to the house. Meanwhile, my plodding, ball-control offense was slightly better than last time and produced a satisfactory score for me. When the game conked out, he was up 14-7 and a victory (albeit NOT a shutout this time) looked to be in the cards for him. I sure wish the internet didn't suck so much. Let's see if Slumberland's next opponent can hold Campbell to less than a 40 yards-per-carry average. Yeah, forty.

Yeah, forty.

Ouch. Sorry to hear you folks couldn't get in a full game. Bagga, you and I are up next, so we'll see how well your connection to people not playing Earl Campbell is...