Madden 08 on the Wii

Saw this at gamespy, and, ( I cannot believe I am even typing this!) it looks like they have added some pretty cool features for the Wii. In particular, mini game tournaments, and telastrator use for replays.

No word of if this can used online, which would defeat the purpose for me. My days of having the guys over for video football are long gone. But, damn, this would have been a blast in college.

I still don't know how I feel about making sports games more true to life via the Wii. If I wanted to put my arms up in the air to catch a football, I'd call a friend and head to the park across the street.

Yeah, I agree with that. But this may be a great budget title once it drops in price for the minigames and such. Yeah, EA, I said that. Madden would be good, as a budget title!

And then maybe for me to poop on.