Bonds hits 755

The Headline summed up my feelings about bonds breaking the record

Bonds hits #756. It happened on a Tuesday, just like 9/11
Edwin wrote:

A-Rod is a douche bag and an asshole of the biggest kind too. I wouldn't like him to have the record either.

Agreed! Not [just] because he bailed on the M's either.

Jayhawker wrote:

He was implicated by Canseco and Jason Grimsley. There is also the same evidence that we all use to tag Barry. The guy got better when he hit a stretch that should have taken him out of baseball. Just like Bonds, there is no doubt in my mind Clemens used, and it was a darn good gamble on his part. He prolonged his career, and continues to sign million dollar contracts long after he should have faded out of baseball.

To Clemens credit, he never claimed flax seed oil. That would be ridiculous. No, he creditied Vioxx for keeping him feeling younger.

Crap, now I have to take this back. It still wasn't flaxseed oil, but instead just good ol' vitamin B and lidocaine. So, in essence, he is using the exact same defense as Bonds. He juiced, he just never realized it.