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Yadda, yadda. That's some nice news. On his blog says that they're in for three exclusive titles for Sony, which sounds like they're free and willing to go multiplatform afterwards.

Jaffe's kind of grown on me. I used to consider him pretentious and somewhat arrogant, but overall he simply seems to be open, not afraid to come off as edgy just because he doesn't mind stating his actual opinion rather than keeping quiet like most others do. Loved his comments regarding the PS3 hardware, because he pretty much was the only Sony employee who publicly stated that the price could be problematic. And, like quite a number of other devs I know he seems to be sick of working on projects with production cycles of 2+ years. It'll be interesting to see what they'll come up with - bet he already got some specific ideas for Wii titles, for instance - and I guess, the Twisted Metal port is just a quick, first job to get things going.

I think mine is way, way, waaaay more substantial and relevant to mankind, and shall be referred to by historians even 200 years from now on. Thus making me the clear winner.

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Plus, Spunior is European. Ergo his thread is hip, cool and morally right.

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booty wrote:

Plus, Spunior is European. Ergo his thread is hip, cool and politically left.

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I like that guy, I saw him interviewed in some Playboy party and he seemed pretty cool, a welcome departure from boring game developers and execs.

Plus, f*cking God of War, man. And I didn't know he was the developer on Twisted Metal.

3 exclusive titles? That means he should be free around 2020

Their first project is a decent start I would think. A kind of Twisted Metal: Head On with scrapped bit of Twisted Metal Black 2 for PS2. A nice $20-30 price point and they have me already. Twisted Metal aside however, I'm really looking forward to what Jaffe's next move will be after his Sony exclusives are up, he has noted several time that he plays all three of the consoles out, perhaps a Wii game would be in store?