8800 extra power plug thingy


Quick question - I'm looking at picking up a 8800gts card in the next week or so. Looks like they have an external power plug thingy on them - a little 6 pin black socket.

Is there an adaptor available to convert a standard power outlet from the PSU to suit this lil fella, or do I need to look at purchasing a new PSU as well?


Little black power thingy? I have 2 GTSs in my system and they do have external power connectors but they are normal 4pin molex connectors... typical of what is used to power most everything in a system.


They are indeeds PCIe Power Connectors.. most new Powersupplies have at least 1 if not 2 of them..

Fear not if your PS doesnt have them.. there are adapters to convert a regular molex Power Connector into it.

Yeah, my 8800GTS came with 2 molex to PCIe adapters. You should be set.

Alrighty, sounds like something I don't need to worry about, and thats a good thing!

Thanks guys