Athletes: Cool sounding names

I always heard certain names/nicknames in sports or reading sports stories, and thought 'That's a cool name'.
Names like:

Jari Kurri, Maurice 'Rocket' Richard - NHL
Urban Shocker - MLB
Satchel Pagie - Negro Leagues
Boomer Esiason - NFL (a stretch, but)
Cassius Clay/Mohammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Rocky Marciano - boxing

Any interesting names ever pop up when you think of sports?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and not because I saw him in person at the UCLA Commencement this year. You look at what the guy's done over the years and he transcends sports. How often can you say the same guy who holds the NBA scoring record also went toe-to-toe with Bruce Lee in a movie?

Browning Nagle, Red Grange, Y.A. Tittle, and, actually, Byron Leftwich.

Bronko Nagurski FTW!

Names I hate: Coco Crisp, Jhonny Peralta, Chone Figgans

Some more off the top of my head:
Milton Bradley, Luol Deng, Miroslav Satan, Jonathan Cheechoo, Saku Koivu.

In fact most of the non-North American NHL players have weird names.

Dick Trickle
He Hate Me
Chris Fuamatu-Maafala

Dick Trickle... every time I hear that one, I wonder.

An old NHL nickname was Battleship Leduc. Hap Day and Dit Clapper, and Punch Imlach were great names/nicknames. My favourite of all-time is Cyclone Taylor started out as a nickname but eventually became the only name he was known for.

Nothing beats God Shammgod.

Also, Tim Biakabutuka.

I actually think Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka (Dick-ta?) are great football names...but Bronko Nagurski is, indeed, the greatest sports name I've heard.

Now, I have a buddy who named his son Beowulf...I'm really hoping he becomes a sports star, otherwise he's doomed.

A few more:

Connie Mac
Broadway Joe Wooly Namath
LT (whichever one you prefer)
"The Count" Montefusco
Hammerin' Hank Aaron
Magic Johnson
Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain
Mario Andretti
Bjorn Borg
Tiger Woods
Babe Ruth
Ty Cobb


Johnny Unitas

The guy sounds like some sort of American gladiator.

Trot Nixon
Landon Donovan
Dusty Baker
Bart Starr
Justin Gatlin
Martin Brodeur
Karch Kiraly

Lovie Smith?

Roman Hamrlik
Radek Martinek

Radek Bonk.

Heh, "Bonk".

Roman Hamrlik.. that name always makes me chortle.

Peter Vagenas - MLS
Boog Powell - MLB
Frank 'Big Hurt' Thomas - MLB
Rollie Fingers - MLB

VicD714 wrote:

Rollie Fingers - MLB

Owner of the best mustache in sports. Period.


Vector wrote:
VicD714 wrote:

Rollie Fingers - MLB

Owner of the best mustache in sports. Period.

Yeah, that was sort of a two-for-one special.

Tom Brady. Anyone who can win 3 superbowls and bang a VS model has earned a right to have his name mentioned in this thread. I'd say that even if his name were Lester Burnham!

And to be true to the thread. Rusty Kuntz

Pulse wins the thread!

I can't unthrone Pulse but I can offer up Haken Loob.


Cletidus Hunt, Packers D-Line

But that's only because I lack maturity and like to switch his initials, and giggle

When I lived in the Detroit area during the 1990's the Lion's had a safety named Harry Colon. The local 'shock jocks' on the radio had a little fun with that one......

Danny sh*ttu