MomGamer: Choose Thy Tag


Suggestions to follow

Better Homes and Gargoyles

Good Chainsawkeeping

Broad Gaming Experience

Don't make me spank you!

If Mom ain't happy...

Sweet but Deadly

Bullets and Bliss

Domestic Goddess

Don't go there!

Full Metal Domestic Servant

Don't Make Me Stop the Car

Edit: Caribou Whisperer

Don't even THINK about it

Don't ask your father

No gaming until you do your homework

Because I said so

Are we there yet?
It will go from your allowance!
Rated "E" for Everyone!

The mom I wish I had...

The Everymom

Law of the land

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy
Brood Mother


Maternal Instincts
Defends Her Young


*Mom you'd like to frag, get your head out of the gutter.

Mex beat me to it.

Jeb wrote:

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

Filthy skimmer!

Put all your weapons away before dinner!

Mex wrote:


How about:



trowan wrote:


*Mom you'd like to frag, get your head out of the gutter.

NO FRICKIN WAY! That's what I thought but I was waiting for someone to ask ^_^

Mom I'd Like to Frag.

Are you a genius, by any chance?

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Supermom!

The family that games together...

The family that plays together...

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Because I said so

I'll second that, I think every mom uses that line. Repeatedly.

Mex wrote:

Are you a genius, by any chance?

Why yes, yes I am. I am also well-endowed.

Marsman wrote:
Jeb wrote:

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

Filthy skimmer!


I am not a skimmer. You reached into the future and read my thoughts. Damn rotten evil jedi sword guy.

Wow! I thought she already had a tag, lol! Shows how much attention i pay!

Congrats momgamer!


Domestic diva, gaming goddess.

Parental guidance is advised...

Does what she says on the tin...


Marsman wrote:

Domestic Goddess

Damn, that was going to be my first one, but i changed it. Didn't read your post before posting... wonder if i subliminally picked it up when i scrolled to the bottom of the page?


Changed the second word of the first suggestion. n00b didn't fit.

Espresso Express
I need a coffee IV, stat!
Paging Dr. Pepper
My mom can outfrag your mom
Stretch Marks of Awesomeness
Master Chief of Her Domain
I said there'd be days like this
Homework before Halo
Chores before Chrono Trigger

End Boss
Poet Warrior

Stabbing *Legion* with Sharp Objects
Stay away from my twins!

Mex wrote:

something stupid

Why not make her tag "I Hate You All"?

My ideas:

I trapped in a locker room and I can't get out
Trapped in men's room, need shotgun NOW
Can you say that without the stupid parts?
Pick up your own gibs
Don't make mama angry, dear
Do what mama says, not what she does
You get dumber the longer I look at you (speaking from mom's point of view, not at her)
Lara can croft my rocket, thank you
Oops, did I just blow your head off?

My eyes are up here


Not Your Average Soccer Mom
My MomGamer Can Pwn Your Honor Student