Total Pro Golf 2

Has anyone else tried the game? Bill Harris was talking about it over at Dubious Quality. After having tried it for a few days, I have to say that I see the draw. In a way, it reminds me of Dwarf Fortress, where you take a somewhat sparse game and make your own story.

My first player had a great debut season in the minor tour, winning three tournaments and graduating to the big leagues. He's struggled a bit on the main tour, and is in danger of having to go back to qualifying school. Currently, however, he's leading a late season event after the first day. A good finish could push him high enough on the money list to keep him on the tour, but he's broken under pressure before. Can he stay on the tour? This is what makes the game exciting. I'd say it's the most addictive PC game that I've played since Galactic Civilizations II.

One thing I'd suggest, though, is that I greatly favor the one-click swing method, as opposed to the three click method, which seems to be the default. I started with the three click method, and was frustrated a bit at the jerkiness of the swing meter. On reflection, that's probably the game modeling the nerves of your player, but I found it annoying.

Over time, my player settled down and playing with the meter got easier, to the point where it became pretty easy to shoot good scores (I still struggled with putting, though-- my guy must need more work there.) From there, if I wanted my guy to do well, I just took over, instead of having the computer simulate scores.

That may be fun for some, but it irked me. I switched over to the one-click method that was the original game mechanic. This seems to be a nice middle ground, where your golfer's ratings determine the shot, but you determine the strategy (Go for the green in two? Try a tricky punch shot out of the woods?)

This is a somewhat unusual game, but I could see playing it for a long time. It could serve me well as a casual game, where it's easy to just pick up and play a bit, as opposed to Gal Civ II, which tends to demand hours from me.

Thanks(!) for the mini review and information on this game. I'll check it out for sure.

I finally had time to give this a whirl and it is a fun, engaging strategy/rpg type golf game. Plus Wolverine folks who make the game are very supportive and responsive.

I have only played thru 6 months. Taking some advice from Bill Harris, I simmed some practice for awhile, but then noticed I had a button for 'Coaches Advice' and it said play a tournament. I simmed the first round and got a 75 (+3). I wanted to make the cut and figured I rather try on my own and play then sim it. So I used the tri-click and went for it. Shot 4 under and made the cut. Then simmed the 3 rd and got a high score and played the last to shoot 6 under and win(!). This sort of disturbed me because it seemed that playing the tri-click was giving me unfair advantage and somewhat ignoring the base stats of the player. I wrote Wolverine about this and they said it really doesn't give that much of an edge and more represents having a 'good day'. Although tri-clicking can go bad if you don't pay attention to the caddies advice and some course management.

Anyway, made $84k something and boosted my total up to about 120k to give me a breather from for worrying about money to pay my coach and caddie (and buy new clubs as the deteriorate.). Lot's of things to watch. All sort's of stat's to watch and just fun. I agree with Poppin' that it's one of those, ' more round...' kind of game. You can sim a whole year, or part of a month or whatever. I won't say much more for Bill and Poppin' pretty much explain it all. Just a fun game and for the price of $29.99 by some independent developers I will climb on board. (Remember to check not only Bills initial review, but his first 'game guide' to it. And check out Wolverine's home page for another review that balance's Bill and get the game download).

You get a trial run on this game when you download it. It used to be 3 day's, but the folks at Wolverine say's it's now about only going so far, so no stress to look it over in a short time period.