Steven Erikson's Reaper's Gale Out (Malazan Book 7)

Bantam (the UK/Canadian publisher) has released book seven in the Malazan Book Of The Fallen series. It's just as big and meaty as the previous books, I'm really looking forward to digging into it since I only just read Book 6 like seven months ago.

There's an interesting note inside, Ian C. Esslemont will be releasing Night of Knives, a book that takes place within the Malazan universe, but isn't written by Erikson himself. It comes out around July 22nd apparently.

In the tease it says: "Marks the first installment of the shared world that we had both envisioned" - Steven Erikson

Here's hoping it doesn't suck, I do like the world he's built so I don't mind another author dipping in.

resurrection! (I searched 'Malazan Book of The Fallen' so if there is a more applicable thread I wasn't sure what to go after.)

Currently reading the most recent installment 'Dust of Dreams' and loving it. I really appreciate how he keeps up his pace of writing and still maintains quality. Something I found out about the series is that Steven Erikson based the world off a RP campaign he ran with his co-author Ian C. Esslemont (co-consultant?). Anyway, I would love to try this campaign setting.

A final tidbit of information about the author is that Steven Erikson is not his real name. rather Steve Rune Lundin started out his writing career on a different subject (archeology I think) and had lackluster success and moved over to his current fantasy series and his new name.