MLB 2007: Road to the Show

I got this for the PS3 this week and it's definitely got the same great gameplay as it's predecessors. However the graphics while clean don't really match up that well when compared with the 2K games. Anyways I did play the road to the show mode for a couple of hours last night and it is fantastic. Basically you create a player and then start in spring training and try to make the club. One thing that's great is the games automatically fast forward to any play or at bat involving your player and the computer sims the rest of the game for you. Also you play defense from the perspective of your player which gives you a different perspective on the action.

Another cool feature is that most at-bats have goals. So for example you may come up with a man on second and the manager says we need to score a run here so you pass if you get a hit and knock the guy in or fail if you don't. Another example would be where you come up with no one on and the manager says "get on base any way possible", or perhaps it's even as simple as "don't strike out". These goals are then used combined with your performance to determine training points that you can then spend to improve your player attributes.

So after you start the game you go through spring training and then get signed to a minor league contract and have to play there for a while, I assume until you improve enough to get to the "Show". But it's really a great twist on the general gameplay and is really well done. Having played the Madden superstar mode or whatever it's called I had expected the same dull experience but this is actually good. It seems that baseball lends itself much better to this sort of single player simulation.

There is definitely some room for improvement for one it seems that defensive play has no effect on your training points. Also sometimes while running bases the ball goes entirely out of the cameras view so you have no idea whether to run or stay. But even with that if you have the mode available I highly recommend it.

I've put a closer and am starting up a starting pitcher now. I have also started up a center and right fielder. I am absolutely horrible at hitting and the starting pitcher is fine for awhile, but I'm down in AA before I know it. The closer seemed to be pretty easy to get going, I lost a season from not saving and my battery dying on the PSP.