"World of StarCraft" confounds!

I'm an idiot.

Yes, hence RB linking it six posts up.

2:30 - Ok, fireworks just went off. Nobody is dead...yet.

Yeah, it's not wise to piss off a Korean.

It also goes without saying that if it was anybody but Blizzard, no one would be paying this much attention to something like this short of it being a "Get to have sex with Scarlett Johannsen" event.

Maybe they are re-uniting North and South Korea.... if anyone could....

Who wants to place bets on IGN crashing a split-second before they post the big news?

3:00 - FMV sequence in a spaceship - looks Terran - zooming in on a metal door - door opening - reveals a guy with a cigar in chains - prisoner - door shuts behind him - there's so much bass the room is shaking - guy steps into some kind of metallic devicce - legs are strapped in - guy rising toward ceiling - Korean text on screen got people very excited - another part of the machine is dropping metal arms on him - machine whirring - applying armor to his torso - extremly detailed visuals here - now guy is strapping on gloves - armor is molding together - seems like a Terran marine - rockets turn on - zerg now onscreen - Marine delivers a line - StarCraft 2 officially announced.


3:07 - Showing gameplay footage - Looks like protoss ships - floating over asteroid/ base structure - entering protoss ase - similar looking buildings - vespene gas still in the game - character pane shows up on right side - some protoss guy - shifts to terran bases floating on rockets over same type of territory - sill collecting crystals as resources - marines load out. Dustin is actually playing the game - nothing in the game is final.

Sounds definitely like an RTS. CVG appears to be way off on this one. Off to G&P for this story.

gameplay description sounds like Starcraft 2 RTS. what a relief.

But, but.... CaVG "confirmed" a MMOG! How can this be?

I'm glad it's another RTS. Hopefully it will be out by 2009.

I knew it ! Also I am glad that my fears about SC2 were wrong. It looks as "metallic" as Starcraft did, and the character portraits are not the same cheesy crap as Warcraft 3 character portraits. They've retained the gritty look.


A couple of movie trailers available including a cinematic trailer, which, frankly, did not impress my like Blizzard's trailers usually do ... and, while we're at it, the screenshots look pretty bland as well. The UI takes up a lot of real estate and the graphics don't look much different than the original SC.

Sorry Coping, but what are you smoking?

Im not impressed with the Protos zealot. They could have done more with him but the other units look awesome.

Looks like the zerg rush is alive and well too. I cant wait to see the terran and zerg units. I wonder how much the new terran mechs look like my Goliath revamp that I entered into the blizz art contest.

CVG reporting a false rumor is as expected as the sun rising. I never trust those wonks.

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