Any interest in a MLB 2k7 tournament? - Now with correct spelling!

Definitely timing. I've been around, but have had a hard time wrangling games. I'll be around the next few nights off and on, though.

Hey guys - hadn't checked in this thread for a while and I'm happy to see there's some fun being had with the game. I have it right now from my rental service - mostly for my son who loves playing sports games and really doesn't pick up on any problems with the game. He plays SP on rookie and has a blast.

I haven't played it at all but I'm familiar with the mechanics from MLB2k6. I don't know how long I'll hold onto it but I'll be up for some pick up games over the next couple of weeks. I'm on rarely these days - just too much work and family stuff. Is there a particular day/time you folks are playing?

Oh - and expect me to be bad.

I'm hoping to play tonight around 8 EST

I was on last night, I played a single player game hoping to get another pickup game in. I'm next available Friday night, then Sunday if anyone wants to play.

I'll be around tonight and Sunday. Maybe Friday later at night.

I missed DS' by 23 minutes. Didn't get on till late : about 0945 PDT. I would of like to have played. Probably won't be around the next couple nights till late. Can't wait to hear all the play-by-play of your game against each other anyway (DS' vs. Swampy)