Any interest in a MLB 2k7 tournament? - Now with correct spelling!

With a tourney we can play with as few as 4 teams.

With this much response you'll need more than 4 teams.

It's only been 5 hours. You know me. I'm an optimist.

How are things this day. Building/selling homes and so forth. Since I've been kept up to date from all the CC E.mails that you guys black balled me from.


Perhaps it is because I misspelled tournament?

Certis wrote:


National pastime. **pffft**

YGM Jedi.

I only lash out because I miss our special times, Swampy. I've gone feral without a strong father figure in my life.

The picture kind of reminds me of the "Nowhere" multiplayer map.

Your trip to India threw the hockey thing out of whack, and I've been 10 kinds of busy, I know. A lot of overtime at work and a couple major RL issues going on leave me with either no time or no energy to game.

I'm sure we'll be playing some football in the fall, but until then you should try and stop by Monday Night GRAW2. I traded NHL2k7 in for baseball, so that's out.

It's been two days. Have an idea what team I'll be on.

If I build it, they won't come.

SwampYankee wrote:

If I build it, they won't come.

That line is begging for a ramrod club reference.

SwampYankee wrote:

If I build it, they won't come.

You know I will try to be there to point out that failure, as it is my wont.


Almost done! Where is everyone?

I'm in the midst of finals and next week is going to be mostly unavailable time, but after that I'm mostly clear for my summer schedule (I'll have to fit moving somewhere in there). I'd be up for a tournament for fun.

Do they play that sport on ice skates yet?

Variety is the spice of life, CF

@ Farscry, you'd make 2 - but at least we can play some pickup games if nothing else.

I'll be online more again next week (remember, dad's in town this week). Keep an eye out, if I'm on and up for it, I'd love even just playing pick-up games.

excellent. will do!

SwampYankee wrote:

I traded NHL2k7 in for baseball, so that's out.

How much did you get for 2k7?

about 20 clams, if I recall. Maybe less, like 15. It was a while ago.

I need you guys to pick this up. It is a fun game to play online, warts and all. But my pubbie experiences are running a 2-1 tool to decent guy ratio.

Ah, I knew I recognized the tag on that invite!

I still have MLB 2K7, and am down for the online game here and there. It's been a tempestuous relationship... I've already traded in the game once and then re-acquired it, and since then it has gone in my bag on no less than three occasions with the intent that I get rid of it again, but somehow it hasn't come to fruition. The game can be such a nightmare offline, but early returns show a possible godsend in a particular set of sliders from the knob-twizzling geeks over at

I haven't played much online, though. From my limited experience it was pretty good, if a little homer-happy.

The game sure can look good at times.

And by 'knob-twizzling' I mean sliders. Not the other thing.

I would be up for a tourney, but let me know soon. I have some credit to get the game and have been trying to decide between this and another sports game.

Based upon the respoinses, I wouldn't buy the game if it was just for a GWJ tourney, but if you want to play some SP and some pickups it would be worth it. If you do get it I will be available for a game or two, and if you, me, Slumber and maybe Farscry can do a few tourneys over the summer, I think it would be well worth it.

The scenario you mention above would be worth it. But as I don't buy games these days for SP as much, I'd really only buy it if it sounded like there were others playing it. I'll have to think about it/keep my ear to the ground here.

Reasonable position.

As for the game, it plays pretty well, although I still hate the fielder "momentum" model, it plays really ungainly. The Show is such a smoother game, but it is a Sony platform-only title, thanks to the MLB and 2k's "exclusive" deal.

I broke down and got this on some trade-ins. I'm pretty much a N00b with this game so I'll try and get up to speed so I can at least do some pick-ups. But most of you folks are East Coast and if I can get any play time during the week it's late (except when I chance the gawds and try and kill myself and rush home Monday evening GRAW:>). Weekend is most time, but depending on family it's hit and miss. So I guess what I'm saying is this whole venture will be a hit and miss thing, but I'll going to give try and play some with whoever at whatever time happenstance gives us.

I picked up this game today. So if anyone's interested in a game, feel free to contact me here or on Live. I'll be trying to add those of you in this thread to my friends' list. Hopefully we can get some games going.

Great, 2 more players!

I'm keeping an eye out here; haven't been on Live a lot lately but I could pretty easily arrange for evening ball games if we get a tourney going

I haven't been on much lately either, so much overtime at work!

I'd like to play a few pickup games with you guys and then if we get 4 guys interested we'll do a few tourneys, with 5 game series. It'll be like mini-playoffs.

Cool with me. Especially after June 10th.