Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX) 2007


Just finally made my reservation! While you can't book a room online at the Sheraton (the closest hotel) at the moment, they are still giving the group rate over the phone.

Who all is going? I asked about it last year, but didn't end up doing it. This year I am determined to enter Nerdvana.

I know there have been some threads about this, but none of them seem to be remotely active, so it seemed best to start anew.

For any who do not know, PAX is a gaming festival that runs August 24-26 in Seattle. They do video games, tabletop games, etc. etc. There is a BYOC LAN area (reservations for which have not yet begun, I believe).

It it weren't so bloody far away I'd be there. Chi-town ain't the airline hub it used to be and the drive would be horrendous. Take lots of pics!

I'm going, covering it for the site. There was NO ONE ELSE from GWJ there last year, so I'm hoping a bunch of people go. I was lost in a sea of smelly strangers last time.

Hey! I was there!

I'm going. I have to. I work there. We definately need to come up with a meeting place, though.

And for your Wanderer, go up on the Penny Arcade Forums and look for the "East Coast Super Trip". It's a carpool that starts in MA somewhere and comes all the way here. It might make that drive a little less daunting.

For good info, see and

momgamer wrote:

Hey! I was there! ;)

Were you a member of the Goodjer Army then? If so, what's your excuse for leaving me all on my lonesome?

What I need this year is a photographer to take all the pictures I'm bound to screw up. Sometimes I wonder if I have Selective Parkinson's that only flares up when holding a camera.

I was a grunt, who didn't yet understand how to proudly bear the Goodjer banner. I know better now.

I'm not hard to find. Look for a Ursula the Sea-witch in an Enforcer T-shirt. I don't have my work assignments yet, but last year I worked the theaters and general nerd-herding.

I work about 2 blocks from there and will probably head over at least for part of the day on Friday. Last year it was in Bellevue and it's scary over there.

I'm going to try to be there at least one day.

I'd really like to go but I'm already taking a trip this summer and I start school in mid-August. The chances of me going are pretty slim.

I really wanna go but I don't go anywhere if I can't stay for free. Also, I've already been to GDC and will be at GenCon the same month as PAX. Maybe next year I'll just suck it up and sleep on the street.

So, would those of you who went last year like to tell the rest of us anything about it?

Um I was there...
Played a lot of games.
Won a blind soul caliber 2 tournament.

Is anyone planning to cosplay?

I think Fed should. And post pictures.

But he already has.


Aaaaauugggghhhhhhhhhh! Must.. find... Lysol... for... eyes......

To think that Mel Brooks looked at that picture and thought to himself, "Men in Tights, it can't lose!"

Things have gotten much too silly.

Demiurge wrote:

What I need this year is a photographer to take all the pictures I'm bound to screw up. Sometimes I wonder if I have Selective Parkinson's that only flares up when holding a camera.

*raises hand*

Um... I'm a pro photographer on the side. Shoot weddings and the like. I have phat equipment and mad skillz. It's just this marriage thing has me poor...

I was just going to ask Morro if he wanted to road trip to PAX but I didn't realize it's in August. I'll be in South America in August.

Edwin and I met up at a Cosplayer convention that time. Here's his picture:


Turnabout is fair play, koala man!


On topic: I'll try to go. My weekends fill up fast during the summer and I've run into scheduling problems with PAX in the past, but if we've got a critical mass of Goodjers attending I'll try to make it work.

I'll be in Seattle this summer, but probably not during PAX. We shall see though.

I plan on using my last vacation day for to make a 3-day weekend and getting over there.

Definitely neg. on the cosplay, though. Unless looking like the main character (Nitz) from Undergrads counts. If my goatee ever makes a return, I might consider that "dressed up like Paul Konerko," but only because I used to get that sometimes.

Well, now that Edwin and I have scared everyone away from PAX 2007, I guess we can start the planning for 2008...:smile:

I'd suggest you all stop the horrible cosplay pics right now. I'm a LARPer. That's right, I've got pictures of whole armies of overweight succubi (and myself by the side, weeping), and I'm not afraid to use them.

I made it the first year but haven't been back since. I'll see what the plans hold for August.

You know, these pictures are not encouraging people to go to PAX.

I'd like to go just to see the musical acts. Jonathan Coulton and the Front? You can't go wrong there.

NZ, you aren't helping things in the "keep Wordsmythe's breakfast down" department.