AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Socket 939

I've been thinking of doing an upgrade to my Socket 939 processor (i.e. new processor and GeForce 8800 card) to try and extend its life for another year or two. I've discovered that the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Socket 939 processor is out of stock at all the major online retailers. Are all the 939 processors out of production already? Perhaps I just need to plan on a new AM2 system sooner than I though.

939 was killed almost a year ago. What do you have now processor and video card wise?

Yeah 939 stuff is hard to find now and it's only going to get harder and harder. Especially with AMD supposedly releasing their apparantly fancy new quadcore stuff here pretty soon.

Newegg looks like they still have a few Opterons hanging around. Prices look nice too. I'd do it myself if I could find a decent deal on DDR RAM.

Hell, I'll sell you my 2 opterons. I wasn't too happy with the boards for those processors. You needed a server quality board, $600 at the minimum to run those CPUs. You end up paying for a lot of junk you don't need on those big boards. The gamer solutions were pretty weak, though.

really? Never heard about anyone having any troubles....I'd be willing to take that gamble. Whatcha got and how much ya want?

Edwin wrote:

939 was killed almost a year ago. What do you have now processor and video card wise?

I currently have the Athlon 64 3700+ single core and a GeForce 7800 card. I guess I could try to overclock the processor (never done that before but it can't be rocket science) and get the 8800 card. Not really sure if the processor is going to be a bottleneck at all on some of these new games. I don't stay up on the technology like I used to. I also hear good things about the dual core processors, especially for non-gaming stuff, so I was hoping to pick one up.

A 4800+ is only 200Mhz faster than a 3700+, so you would see negligible improvement in games anyway. This upgrade wouldn't be worth it to me for a primarily gaming rig, even if you weren't having trouble finding one in stock.

Now, if this is primarily a development or image editing or some other task where dual cores are really helpful, it's another story.