Age Of Conan Beta Sign-Up


The beta sign-up for Age of Conan is now live, looks like they will be adding more people soon! I've signed up and linked to the MMORPG section here as my "guild page" for the Gamers With Jobs guild. I suggest you all do as well, it could help!

Dang, can't do it from work, it asks for your dxdiag.txt file.

If you already signed up for beta, will it let you sign up again or just tell you you've already signed up?

I'm in!


Beta is now live.. I only hope releasing the game early doesn't constitute the next step.

Signed up! Nothing to do but wait now...
I wonder how much the Dxdiag plays a role in the sign-up. Don't have access to my main gaming rig at the moment, so I hope they take that into account.

Done and done, linked to the MMO section here. I'm going to go cross my fingers now

I can't pass up an opportunity to gaze upon Certis's mighty virtual nipples. I'm in.

I'll have to do it from home though. Damn DxDiags.


Im signed up.

I also linked to the MMO section of the forums here.

Damn! I can't wait to Beta Test this. It's the only MMO that I'm really excited about. And since I'm at work, I need to wait until I get home because of that Dxdiag report.

Oh, I'll be signing up alright.

I submitted. Not real big on MMOs, so I don't know why I keep going back. At least this time I'll get to crush my enemies, see them...well, you know the rest.

Haven't heard back yet, I wonder what the average time for the acceptance emails were?

Drunken Sleipnir, what is good in life!?

I've signed up!

I'm in

Signed up. Put me in coach!

Did you guys sign up for "Technical", "General" or both?

I went both, since I swing both ways.

I signed up. Looking forward to seeing first hand what *someone* claims is the best MMO evar.

I'm not sure if anyone read the FAQ but I found this to be very interesting and potentially fantastic!

Massive epic battles – This is the ultimate large-scale PvP form where guilds and coalitions of players can build their own cities in the border kingdoms, and fight it out in massive battles. Just think of it! Engines of war, mounted warriors charging on horses and camels, formations of players struggling for every inch of land, tearing down walls or breaking through the formations of the enemy!

I can see it now "I'm sorry, I have to cut this meeting short I've just been informed that Oogabaville is under attack. I need to defend the homeland"

So here's this... giant enemy crab...

I signed up.

Thanks for the notice Certis! I signed up. Crossing my fingers, really looking forward to this game.

Certis wrote:

linked to the MMORPG section here

Just to be sure, is this the link you used?

Yoyoson wrote:
Certis wrote:

linked to the MMORPG section here

Just to be sure, is this the link you used?

That's what I used.

Me too.

And I! Oh! I'll Savor the moment when the acceptance email arrives! If it does... I never get into these things. Stupid betas. *sniff*

Signed up with fingers crossed. Man i want in on this one.

Signed up. Here's hoping.

Sweet, I'm signed up too...

I really love the 'Is there anything I should know about you' box at the bottom --

This is for computer only I assume... I want to beta the XBOX version. If I recall that's a long ways off though.