"Yellow Face" Better For Midest Diplomacy

No Seriously, He Said It

TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) -- Blond, blue-eyed Westerners probably can't be as successful at Middle East diplomacy as Japanese with their "yellow faces," Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso was quoted by media as saying on Wednesday.

"Japan is doing what Americans can't do," the Nikkei business daily quoted the gaffe-prone Aso as saying in a speech.

"Japanese are trusted. If (you have) blue eyes and blond hair, it's probably no good," he said.

"Luckily, we Japanese have yellow faces."

Foreign Ministry officials were unable to comment on the report, which said Aso elaborated by saying Japan had never exploited the Middle East, started a war there or fired a shot.

Aso, seen in some circles as a contender to succeed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe if the Japanese leader runs into trouble in a July election for parliament's upper house, is known for verbal gaffes.

He offended South Korea with remarks in 2003 that were interpreted in Seoul as trying to justify some of Japan's actions during its 1910-1945 colonization of the Korean peninsula.

He also drew criticism in 2001 when, as economics minister, he said he hoped to make Japan the kind of country where "rich Jews" would want to live.

Aso said then he had not intended to be discriminatory.

Japan has long felt it has a special role to play in the Middle East because it lacks much of the political baggage of the United States, allowing for warmer ties with Arab nations.

Last week Tokyo hosted four-way talks aimed at working toward peace in the Middle East, involving Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories as well as Japan.

Abe's government has been battered by a series of problematic remarks by cabinet ministers this year, including the health minister's reference to women as "birth-giving machines" and Aso's own description of Washington's occupation strategy in Iraq as "immature."

I'm tired of hearing about the whole "birth-giving machines" comment. He was merely saying that in a closed system you have a limited number of mechanisms through which new children are created.

Anyway, this may be controversial, but the question is whether or not it works. If it works, then it's not important if it's discriminatory. We can worry about hurt feelings once people stop dying.

The basic rule of American comedy is that anyone can make off-color comments about their own race or religion. If he wants to call his own face yellow, where's the complaint? He's ripe for a show on Comedy Central.

Perhaps Asian faces offer a greater contrast to the three-dimensionality of Middle Eastern faces than caucasian faces do. This puts them at ease.

I'm waiting for Aso to out-assho' anyone by saying, "And those Korean 'comfort women' during World War II? They were totally into it."

LobsterMobster wrote:

We can worry about hurt feelings once people stop dying.