Spirited Debate On Game Piracy

We'll see how well Quake Wars sells..

That's the next PC purchase for me as well. Although if SC is any indication my P4 3ghz is nearing the end of its useful life.

SwampYankee wrote:

I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I always believed if it wasn't yours you had no right to steal it regardless of how you might justify your behavior to yourself.

Agree to disagree? Did you come from the Victorian ages? You must fight to the death armed with a chainsaw attached to your hands. You will never again be able to wipe your butt, but you shall know you defended your honor.

By the way, Stealing is not the same as Copyright Infringement.

Stealing implies you physically deprived someone of something. Copyright infringement means you made a copy of something, illegally.

I once read a Gabriel García Marquez book at a bookstore.

Mex wrote:

I once read a Gabriel García Marquez book at a bookstore.

I'm so sorry, Mex.

Danjo Olivaw wrote:
Mex wrote:

I once read a Gabriel García Marquez book at a bookstore.

I'm so sorry, Mex.

It was the short one, Memoria de Mis Putas Tristes (Memories of my sad whores?), but I still set a record, they probably still remember me there ^_^

Stylez wrote:

That's the next PC purchase for me as well. Although if SC is any indication my P4 3ghz is nearing the end of its useful life.

That has been and still are lots of good PC titles out and coming now. Look beyond the advertising and the top 10 games on GameSpot and you'll be amazed what you'll find. War Front: Turning Point and Runaway 2 are two amazing, top-notch production value titles and they are cheap in comparison to most other games. But they don't get major hype and people don't think they exist. Look beyond the hype and you'll see there's still plenty of gems for this platform.

These discussions never end well, so let me just say this...

Copy protection that negatively impacts the real consumer is not a good thing. When I'm forced to go find cracks for my legitimate games (Civ 4, Sims 2) because of copy protection, I'm essentially being pointed to the seedy underground of piracy. Once someone finds out how easy it is to copy software, they may be more inclined to do so.

With that said, there's not one piece of software on my system that I didn't legitimately buy.

Well, I'm late to the party and won't wade too deep, but here's the thing.

First off, as the owners of the IP, publishers can do ANYTHING they want with it. We may not like various approaches to the issue of piracy, but short of *cough* messing with our PCs without our consent, we as consumers will simply have to decide whether we will buy something with CP. I do believe publishers have a responsibility to disclose anything they leave dormant on our machines, but that's it.

Second, I do believe that the rise of the demo has had a bigger impact on sales than piracy, but like any black market, it's impossible to know. What we have in this, and the blues thread, is nothing more than a lot of folks arguing about the temperature of a planet light years away. There are informed and uninformed opinions but ultimately, who knows. Speaking only for myself, the widespread ability to demo games which emerged with higher connectivity completely wiped out any piracy I had attempted previously. I'm not saying that for anyone else. I do however think there is a cadre of consumers who might have pirated in the past, but don't now, and frankly they're still not buying because so many games (console and PC) suck.

Third, the world is increasingly multiplayer, and for good reason -- it sells. History is full of thousands of great multiplayer games starting in ancient egypt, and very few forms of solitaire. Multiplayer games offer man more ways of preventing piracy, and offer real barrier to casual piracy -- tying keys to accounts and the like. The more we as consumers want persistent identity, the harder it is to forge that identity.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts.

Totally on the same page with you, Rabbit. Well said.

Great post Rabbit. I do agree with you on most of what you said except I'd like to take your request about notifying about copy protection one step further. I think every game that uses copy protection should have it mentioned on the box (some games currently do this but by far not all) and I think they should possibly even mention which protection they use so consumers can choose for themselves. After all, these publishers continue to insist by and large that the protections do no harm to their customers so they shouldn't be concerned at posting which ones they use. I'll tell you now that most of the StarForce games I ended up buying I didn't know had StarForce until after I installed it.

I don't disagree that publishers can do whatever they want with their products. I don't think anyone is saying otherwise. What miffs me is when they sit and whine that every titles that doesn't turn a profit didn't do so because of piracy. I think it's a very arrogant statement to say that if anything doesn't sell, it couldn't possibly be because of lackluster title quality or bad marketing, it's all the fault of pirates. And that sort of blanket statement is what Todd Hollenshead made and which other developers like Funcom have started to chime in with. You've never seen Peter Molyneux say things like that. Say what you want about his games or his over-hyping them but when his title fails, he has no problem citing what he did wrong that led to that.


Copy protection messages were even around in the FLOPPY days!

Wow, that takes me back.