3rd Times a Chjarm (Dark Age of Camelot)

Okay DAOC is basically a working testbed for unique class mechanics. The game is rough around the edges and the class mechanics also follow that descriptor.

But there is pure gold here. It is not enough to merit a monthly fee, but a 14 day free trial? Yes please!

The warlock class is amazing. The chief mechanic being that there are primary and secondary types of spells. The primary spells take longer to cast but they allow for a secondary spell to be cast immediately afterward. So you can cast a nuke with a snare secondary or a nuke with a dot or even heals with heal over time or a buff.

There are also spells called primers that allow the casting of secondary spells by themselves. These primers add the properties: uninterruptable, no mana, or extended range.

The third little bit of awesomeness is chambers where you can precast primary and secondary spells and store them to be insta-cast any time later. This may be more useful in a game like DAOC with its harsh rules about casting in combat or casting while using a weapon. I do feel it will be of great use in other games too.

I think the other thing I like is the chant mechanics. I know I have said it before but the other aspects I like about it are that you can have 2 active without twisting. Of course you can also twist on top of that if you really want to.

And I am sure anyone who has played the necro class realizes the ingenuity there.

The channeling mechanics of the Heretic have been done elsewhere. However, combining the prim/sec mechanics of the Warlock with channeling would be awesome. Or perhaps something like the non-interrupt primer would work.

Read the Greenlight news of the 29th of April...

Wait, what? This game have been Greenlight ...

I can't understand how that happened. It's own somehow by EA, and it's not on Origin.

That happened as well for Ultima Online. Guess people want nostalgia.

Some of the devs working on it left to form Broadsword Entertainment. They are now developing it for EA.