NASCAR crew chief tossed for using illegal substance

From Yahoo

Jet fuel? Man, when these guys cheat, they don't mess around.

Funny story about jet fuel. A friend of mine use to work at a plant in Louisiana that would take the waste streams from another plant and burn them in their incinerator. They would somehow create some kind of acid from the process. Well, late one night he gets this call from one of the operators that something strange was happening in the system, so he drove in to run this flash point test that would help them determine what the substance they were getting from the other plant was. The test basically involves putting a small amount into a crucible, heating it, and periodically opening the chamber and looking into it. Well, after getting the test set up and starting to heat he looks into the chamber, and this blast of fire flows up from the container and singes about half of his eyebrows off.

"Jet fuel." He answers to the tech. Needless to say, they quickly called the other plant to have them shut off the stream before they blew up their plant by attempting to incinerate it..

So yeah, I can see how a "component of jet fuel" might boost the HP of an engine if used by someone in the know!

Y'know, i'd tune in to NASCAR to see a driver floor it and literally take off upon doing so.