The big "How do I choose an HDTV?" thread.

Chairman_Mao wrote:

Vizio is offering OLED now, so hopefully that puts a downward pressure on the price point.

A little? They're getting their panels from LG, just like everyone else. Additional price drops will probably come as LG continues to increase volume and improve manufacturing efficiency. I haven't heard of anyone being even remotely competitive with LG. It looks like TCL is planning to build an OLED manufacturing facility next year.

Yeah Vizio's entry won't budge pricing until some other manufactures start building OLED manufacturing.. Besides OLED's are allready pretty price competitive with the higher end LCD TV's.. Vizio's top end LCD is more expensive than the C9 when they go on sale (which is every week).

The issue is the B&M places like Best Buy are not really ever aggressive with their LG OLED TV pricing compared to online places like NewEgg or Ebay.

Some looks at the LG 48" OLED @ CES

I got a free 65 inch Samsung NU6900 when me and my GF bought a new bed. Looks like it is a pretty middle spec model. Sadly we don't really have room for it in our tiny condo so it has been put into storage until we can get a house. It will make a good living room TV and I will put the Vizio in my room (until I can talk her into letting me get something really good to game on).

You should probably sell it -- those things depreciate quickly. Even if you move relatively quickly, by the time you get a house, it won't be worth anything anymore.

So I have an old Plasma screen TV, gotta be about 6 or 7 years old now. Nice little 40-something-inch dealie. It's done me solid for a while, used only for XBOX/PS4 and Netflix et al. It's functional, so I've never really wanted more, but since it's been so long, I'm wondering if a new one would be a significant upgrade, and if I could get one for a cheap-ish price.

If you've got good lag performance on that TV, then your only absolute upgrade would be an OLED screen. Those start in the $1200ish range, and can get substantially higher. They are really lovely, even better than plasma.

LCDs will be an improvement in terms of resolution, and possibly refresh rate and latency. But they just don't look as nice as a plasma, at least to my eyes.

With OLED, you get everything at once. For at least some applications, they're a lot better than the plasma screens. But you'd also need source content that could really take advantage; if you're just sending an OLED a 1080p/60Hz signal, you're missing out on a lot of what it can do.

The upcoming 48" LG OLED should be a nice upgrade for those who were still on 42" Plasma's. With the bezel on those 42" the actual size of the TV should be similar to the 48" for most cabinets and stands.

I'm eagerly anticipating the prices of large OLEDs coming down. I wanted one, but prices go way up once you're looking at 75", so I wound up with an LCD. It looks really good, but I do wish the viewing angles were better. When we're actually on the couch, it's great when you're on the couch watching, but from the kitchen, it's really washed out. What I really need is a servo or something so I can angle it with the remote.

Android TV is the worst.


I just need to vent. It's the only thing preventing me from fully appreciating my Sony OLED tv

interstate78 wrote:

Android TV is the worst.


I just need to vent. It's the only thing preventing me from fully appreciating my Sony OLED tv

What's the issue with it exactly? Or is Sony filling it with ads and extra garbage?

I'm curious because I recommended a Sony as the best route to a friend who's looking for a sort of best possible value in an 85 inch LCD. I've seen solid Sony sets at that size for barely $2000 and he doesn't care about gaming at all so the higher input lag on Sony sets doesn't matter.

I've stopped using every streaming device I own at this point that isn't a Shield TV because they run stock Android TV and it just... works.

Thin_J wrote:
interstate78 wrote:

Android TV is the worst.


I just need to vent. It's the only thing preventing me from fully appreciating my Sony OLED tv

What's the issue with it exactly? Or is Sony filling it with ads and extra garbage?

It's not filled with extra garbage, it's just buggy. When it works, it's great. However, the apps crash or stop working as they should, the internet disconnects, it needs to be rebooted almost every day. Thank God they've released major updates that solve some of the most aggravating problems (like bluetooth audio out of sync) but if I had to do it all over again, even if I'm a big fan of Sony, I would have bought an LG C9 instead of the Sony A9G solely because of Android.

That sounds like Sony sucking, not Android TV tbh.

That said... my experience with LG's interface is that their app store is trash, the apps dump your login info every other time they update and force you to login again, and they have non-removable ads in a bunch of spots. So the LG might not have saved you any hassle.

On the other hand... it's fairly snappy and I haven't had any app crashes or anything like that? I dunno. Maybe.

Still abandoned using it in favor of buying another Shield TV though.

I finally did it. Bought the Vizio M558 from Best Buy.

The only 4K UHD device I have right now is the Apple TV 4K, but I did watch the first 15 minutes or so of Star Trek Beyond from iTunes and maaaaaaaaan is that gorgeous in 4K+Dolby Vision. Super inky blacks for days, I'm not even sure I would be able to tell a difference between it and an LG OLED. It's such a huge upgrade from my circa 2009 Vizio 1080p display with failing backlight.

Next step is to pick up a 4K Blu-Ray player and rewatch a few 4K Blu-Rays I've collected over the past year or so.

I find Sony's TV interface to be really clunky and confusing. It is not intuitive whatsoever. It drives me nuts. Not tv related but I did get a new Vizio soundbar with subwoofer and back speaker. I had my previous Sony soundbar for about 8 years. Good god, I didn't know what I was missing. It just helps with the immersion so much. I played a few hours of Destiny last night. Usually I throw on a podcast for that game. But I don't think I can ever do that again.

T-Prime wrote:

Super inky blacks for days, I'm not even sure I would be able to tell a difference between it and an LG OLED.

Never side by side them in a dark room it will ruin you.

No joke, multiple times I've accidentally left my LG OLED on overnight because the minimalist screensaver had come on, and I stood up and walked away from the couch in between the understated fireworks animations. It's maybe not quite vantablack or whatever, but I can't quite imagine a screen that can get any darker while still being on.

This is where the LG OLED love fest is? I'll just say I got my 55" C9 about 2 weeks ago and loving it. Of course I was upgrading from a 10+ year old 1080p set but it is amazing.

Like others I find the UI less than thrilling and the lack of WebOS apps is annoying, but I just picked up a Roku Ultra and fixed all of that. I will continue to use the native apps for Netflix, Amazon and Youtube but am still extremeley happy with the purchase.

Yeah, I do wish there were native apps for a few more popular services (like HBO -- apparently there actually is one, but only available in like Brazil or something) but I'm not too bothered. We just have a ChromeCast Ultra hooked up, and everything without a native app definitely has an iOS app that can cast to that, and services that have 4k/HDR content available generally serve it up to the ChromeCast. And, in an absolute pinch, everything also exists as an app on the Xbox, which was our primary set top box with our old TV.

So. We're going to get a 4k tv for the first time. We will also be buying an Xbox One X at the same time (I'll find another thread to ask about having 2 xboxes...) In Greece, we really have to buy from a store. Ordering from Amazon in Germany or something involves all kinds of shipping, customs, other dangers.

So far the best I have found for our price range, getting the most for our euro, is this model:
Samsung QLED QE65Q70RA 65" Smart 4K TV
Device Type: QLED UHD 4K
TV Screen diagonal (inch): 65 inch
Energy class: B
Image Scan Frequency: 3300 PQI
Image quality: QLED 4K
High Dynamic Range (HDR): 1000


All of the big stores have the same price for this model.
If you really feel like wading in, in Greek (in google translation), our big box stores are:

And they tend to have LG, Sony, Samsung...

Customs from between Germany and Greece? They're both EU.
What's you price range?

I watched the Superbowl yetserday streaming and I will say the 4K HDR feet off the Roku was amazing, upscaled or otherwise. The stream was about one play behind the broadcast. For some reason the fox app didn't do surround sound. For a football game its not that big of a deal but an odd omission. Not sure if fox sports just generally doesn't stream surround or if there is some weird bandwidth tradeoff between HDR/4K and Dolby for a live broadcast?

I find surround sound on sports distracting anyway as they tend to mix the crowd noise so loud that it drowns out the announcers. At least that was routine the last time I tried it a couple of years ago.

True. More often than not you hear the crowd through your rear satellites and it is distracting.