Anyone use Twitter?

Ah...this thread is alive again. That explains the new followers.

*Legion* wrote:

You people aren't adding me fast enough.

Read my sig, and then do it!

you should be following ME.

Just added the lot of you to my following list. = Oso

Sweet. My list of following is getting a lot bigger. o.o

Mostly I post the delivery of my podcast

*Legion* wrote:

You people aren't adding me fast enough.

Read my sig, and then do it!

Wow, aren't WE a little twitwhore.

I'm somewhat addicted to it, but i don't do multiples. rofl
not me tho on twitter would be me

Veloxi wrote:

Wow, aren't WE a little twitwhore. ;)

Nah, that's just my natural abrasive bossiness.

I just set up pocketwit on my cell phone and I've been messing around with it. I'll be going through this thread and adding all the GWJers I can find to my following list.

Wow - I don't know if I'm ready for you guys but I'm at being "Davemonkey"!

Crawled through the pages of this thread and added people (who have tweeted within the past month). Decided to finally add people here because all the talk on the Conference Calls of Twittery Fun Times.



Bored at work today and excited to see surfcontrol doesnt block twitter.

Must be validated!

Today is a bandwagon day - - because there's almost no bandwagon I won't jump on.

I have joined the Twitter bandwagon. I feel I'll never be productive again. Alas, such is life!

Since all the cool kids are done with all this, that means it must be time for me to give it a try.

I'm trying to figure out how to work adding people, but at least I've got a "hello world" up there.

This is me:

Now I must go add a whole bunch of people

Of all the twitters, the one I enjoy most (excuse me if I'm skimming skipping) is the Cobra Commander.

For a while I thought twitter was the most pointless service the internet offers, but I started using it lately and now I think it's pretty cool. I mainly use it to share links to random stuff with my friends, and getting mini-updates from places like Valve is nice.

Long time reader, new poster.

Here's mine:

I finally signed up for Twitter today, but I'm not entirely sure why. I doubt I'll make much use of it as I just don't care to keep people posted on the minutiae of my life and I'm not close enough with anyone online to care about theirs. Still, I may use it as a means of keeping track of the jokes I write that don't fit anywhere else. Or I might not. Should I even bother with this whole Twitter thing?

MechaSlinky wrote:

Should I even bother with this whole Twitter thing?


MechaSlinky wrote:

I finally signed up for Twitter today

You should start following people.

I have started following people. I went on a following rampage a few minutes ago where I tracked down a number of the 1up and ex-1up crew and followed them, and I followed all the people who are following me, and at some point I'll go back through this thread and follow people here. Follow follow follow. Finally, stalking people from the comfort of my very own home!

For all your stalking needs, here is a good list of game companies and developers on Twitter.

Twitter's like a crack-pipe I use to mainline my tech and gaming buddy's geeky updates with. Like when Sommermatt tells me there's a new episode of Metalocalypse or the IT Crowd, Pyroman does a quick blurb on a cool new indie game, or Certis talks about the podcast.

Facebook is bloated, and sometimes it's a little intimidating when the threads on forums get thousands of replies deep - so that's where Twitter comes in to save the day.

Quality over quantity should be a mantra though! When doing updates, make sure they are concise, and hopefully something someone else would find interesting - if not, best to hold off. Also, make sure to respond - it's a two way communications mechanism, not just a deposit box for your verbal nuggets.

I went from thinking it was a completely useless service in a sea of social networking apps, to being one of my premiere and most habitually checked sites in my daily rotation.

tanstaafl wrote:

For all your stalking needs, here is a good list of game companies and developers on Twitter.

I just looked up George Broussard on there, and his most recent post was:

George Broussard wrote:

I'm hungry. Where's my damned pizza, Dominos?

That is exactly what I expected from a GB twitter feed.

Oh, and Sockington. You must follow Sockington.

BTW Swat, what's your Twitter ID? We can't stalk you if we don't know who you are.