Anyone use Twitter?


Will happily return any follows (though my feed is a ton of retweets and garbage).


Just joined recently. Just following some celebs, posting a few lego pics.

I retired my original one then someone else squatted it and I had to roll a new one.

I'm pretty casual but feel free to hit me up, if you haven't already : will turn your tweets into a poem. Here's my sonnet:

Of gaming
by Gravey

Wulfgar, certified organic fighter
To my breadth as a human being.
The final squad with a better
So my support is obv just trolling.

To customize our driver?
Number of Delicas in Vancouver.
Challenge accepted

Someone actually bought one.
W/ "Oh can't do women co-op chars"
Cats and leave the rats alone.

About ethics in games journalism…
Unacceptable: "racist", "sexist".
Explosion of video games criticism

Fun Twitter game going on: #Fave7Films

Here's mine:
The Empire Strikes Back
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Back to the Future
LA Confidential
The Avengers

Big Trouble in Little China
Empire Strikes Back
Buckaroo Banzai
12 Angry Men
Seven Samurai
Barton Fink

Hey hey Twitterites! (Horrible name that). What's the best non-Twitter Twitter app I can buy/get/steal?

On iOS, I love Twitterrific. I still have Twitter installed to get notifications since Twitter doesn't allow 3rd-party access for them anymore, but for everything else it's what I use.

I used to use Plume and found it decent if sometimes a little broken but I went back to official client eventually.


Hi there, My name is Feeank and I'm a Twitterholic

*everyone* Hello Feeank

So not sure if you guys and gals have been following the recent news but apparently the end of times are really here, Twitter is turning into a giant turd glazed with space X rocket fuel while a drunken juggler juggles flaming bowling pins on a unicycle drawing 8's around it, it is not going to last very much It's what I'm trying to say.

Things are bad bad, disastrous even, although as with any disaster it is fascinating to look at from a safe distance I'm staying and enjoying the show.

Thing is, I enjoyed the previous stage of the disaster, in a masochistic kind of way, quipping here and there on any and every subject far or near, I enjoyed sharing my unmatched wisdom with the masses that reciprocated my love by ignoring it most of the times, but still, I *liked* being informed and be able to comment about a bunch of crap at the same time, whether it was venezuelan news or gaming novelties, the ukranian war or british politics, it was all there, like a gazpacho of news where everything feels connected in a way and you're the only one able to make sense out of it.

So here we are, the place is collapsing, I don't think it will last much longer, I fear for my well being once the place becomes unusable (I've already received a bunch of promoted porn-looking posts sent to my inbox, something that had never happened before that I recall) I need your help on this.

So what is the plan? Where are goodjers of sound mine and heart heading? am I being unrational? Was it Earth all along?

Would love to hear from others experience's on this

Thank you

Mastodon seems to be the place to go. Million new users last week or something.

It's a little different, with federated servers. Open source, no ads. Not sure how many companies will join but people are definitely going.

But you can follow anyone anywhere. Instead of just following @Feeank, I might have to follow @Feeank.mastodon1 or whatever.

Been reading reviews and guides about it but haven't made the jump yet.

I made a Mastodon account years ago during one of reddit’s “let’s ban a bunch of innocuous leftist subreddits so we don’t look partisan while banning all the racist right wing ones” phases but it seemed like a hassle to navigate and I never went back. I should check if my account is still there.

I'm interested in seeing whether Mastadon will be able to rise to the opportunity. Being federated and not ad-supported, it's reliant on volunteers willing to absorb the costs of hosting servers (supported somewhat by tips from the communities). That can work well for a small, motivated community, but if millions of new users suddenly come in, it's not clear to me how the infrastructure (both social and technical) will cope.

That said, it would be nice if it does, and I've also been contemplating opening a Mastadon account recently. Of course my first problem is choosing a server...I tend to overthink these things and dither a lot.

Mastodon takes a bit of work to be useful. One thing to note is that you build your feed by liking something or following someone. The problem then is the people you like on twitter might not be on mastodon and there is no way to verify people so Ron Paul on mastodon is probably just me making fun of ron paul. However, a lot of the popular twitter accounts have bots that copies and post every twitter tweet and repost them on mastodon.

My biggest issue using mastodon was post not being in English. There is a option that makes it so it only shows English posts.

Mastodon seems confusing. And I'm not sure I like the idea of signing up to a server run by a single person you know nothing about who may/may not be around much longer. But I don't know enough about it, so maybe that's not a big deal?

I made an account with Cohost, which seems cool, but it's also very obvious that it's a low-budget, small team operation. It reminds me a bit of tumblr though. Honestly, I kind of just wish everyone moved to tumblr.

A few of the people I enjoy following on Twitter have migrated to Mastodon partially. Comic writer G. Willow Wilson has been venturing over to Mastodon and sharing her experience on Twitter. It has certainly made me way more hesitant to go over there given her critiques, and a lot of the negative things I've heard about it.

There's also another alternative called Project Mushroom?

Either way there are a lot of assorted alternatives right now, and I'm mostly staying put on Twitter even if it is all going to end within the next year - though that feels generous. But maybe it'll outlast Liz Truss?

I'm not sure how this makes Musk good at business at all, but I'm sure his cult of followers will still call it a good business decision. At this point I'm assuming his whole goal was to destroy it.

I'm sure there is a core of diehard faithful who are willing to do the mental gymnastics to believe that this is not Musk's fault, he was betrayed by smaller minds who just don't perceive his genius, but also he's playing 4D chess and this is all part of the plan.

But in most of the spaces that I find myself in online, the sort of weird Internet nerd who is usually all too willing to come to Musk's defense have been pretty quiet through all this, and the handful of people who have spoken up have gotten ratio'd pretty hard.

Call me a naive optimist, but I don't think his cult of personality survives this in any meaningful way. Enough of them are intelligent enough to see this public meltdown for what it is and quietly slink away, and the rest won't have enough critical mass to cohere and will find some other golden idol to attach to.

Thank you all, I made the leap and am currently setting up a beach head over Mastodon just in case , this is my mastodon thingie

@[email protected]

I'm also on tumblr which seems better suited for my pixelated side project

@halfwaywrong I read some worrying impressions about Cohost so not even looking into it, apparently if you ever leave they get to keep and treat whatever you share in there as their property

Still, curious about what happens with all this drama, too bad for the people losing their jobs because of this one absolute idiot.

We all like to joke about Twitter being a hell site, but the truth is that it was pretty damn enjoyable if you managed to curate the right feed.

I'll miss it when it's gone, but hopefully something else will fill the gap before too long.

I .... haven't missed it at all since I bailed in ~2015, and I think I'm happier overall because of that decision. Even with what I considered a well-curated feed, I still was bombarded with all the evidence of how sh*tty modern life is, and like, yeah I get it, but also I don't need 80% of my day taken up by thinking maybe I should just (seriously) kill myself because of how sh*tty everything is. I'm definitely not as 'online' as I was during the 2008 - 2015 time period, and younger me would have had a problem with that, but the older I get the less I care about that sort of thing.

Honestly, the hardest part about bailing was missing out on the live-sports community, but being a fan of the Mariners made that easier than it otherwise would have been.

jontra wrote:

We all like to joke about Twitter being a hell site, but the truth is that it was pretty damn enjoyable if you managed to curate the right feed.


I use twitter to amuse myself, and aggressively block/unfollow those who make my time on Twitter not-fun.

Sure, you can eat around the bad parts, but the meal as a whole has still gone bad.

I'm happy to report that Mastodon feels like a great replacement to Twitter so far, it's a different kind of experience but I'm liking the change of pace.

Edit for dummie

Twitter may be dying tonight; the reports are at least 75% of their staff have left, badges have stopped working because everybody who knew that system is gone, people were literally stuck in parking garages trying to get out and couldn't and they had to try to find a Sawzall to get them out, and all buildings are at this point shut down. Elon Musk may have taken one of the most successful social media sites around, and run it into oblivion in weeks.

I'm also MilkmanDanimal over on Mastodon; I haven't figured it all out yet and I suspect that the fact it doesn't have a very simple UI for signup and use will keep it from being successful, but it's Twitter-ish enough it's at least interesting.

Can't recommend dumping as much social media as possible enough. Delete your twitters and don't migrate somewhere else. You are missing nothing. I deleted mine a number of years ago and I don't miss it in any way, shape, or form.

To each their own. I tried a while back but it made keeping in contact with people and following local stuff a hassle.

I don't actually use Twitter hardly at all; I haven't posted in years, but it's a good source for news, sports, and occasional stupid jokes. I dumped Facebook in November of 2016 because reasons, but I'm just curious to see if there can be social media that isn't a garbage fire, and the open-source and distributed nature of Mastodon is at least interesting.

@[email protected]

Mastodon is close to twitter but a bit weird. We'll see.

ruhk wrote:

To each their own. I tried a while back but it made keeping in contact with people and following local stuff a hassle.

I get that. I will stand by the advice to get off Twitter, though. It's very likely most of the people there who were responsible for making sure your data was at least somewhat safe are gone, and not coming back.

ruhk wrote:

To each their own. I tried a while back but it made keeping in contact with people and following local stuff a hassle.

You say hassle, I, as essentially a hermit, say added bonus.