DMCA goes way too far.

"The "creator" of the Dance move known as the electric slide has filed a DMCA based takedown notice for videos he deems to infringe and because they show "bad dancing". He is also seeking compensation from the use of the dance move at a wedding celebration shown on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Next up, the Funky Chicken, the moonwalk, and the Hustle? More seriously, does the DMCA have any limit on it's scope?"

Are you kidding me?
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LOL, the dance video on mr. Silvers page is borked because of his own DMCA notices... You ahve to go to YouTube to see a sample of the dance because "the owner of this video does not allow video embedding please watch this video on"

It hasn't gone too far until someone refuses, and the notice is upheld by a court. Until then, it's just some idiot yelling.