AR11: All Stars - The Catch All Thread

Good Lord. Hot on the heels of the Season Premier of Survivor 14, comes the Amazing Race All Star edition (#11 for those keeping count) is getting ready to kick off in a couple of weeks. It's a little early for setting up DVR's but you may be interested in who's running the race. Some notables include;

  • Kevin and Drew (AR1)
  • Charla and Mirna (AR5)
  • Romber (AR6)
  • Team Kentucky and the Blondies from AR10

Link to the main CBS site is here. Season Premier is Feb 18th @ 8 PM.

Oddly enough, I'm rooting for Charla and Mirna this time around. More for Charla than Mirna, because Mirna still seems like she's a bit shrieky, but it'd be fun to see them win.

Reminder: It starts this Sunday.

I enjoyed the show last night, although someone needs to put the bald guys out of their misery.

And someone needs to tell that blonde woman with the dwarf cousin that speaking to someone in English with an accent won't make them understand you if they don't speak English. At first I thought she had an accent and then I realized she's simply a moron.

Well, not too much activity on the ol' AR thread so let me bring everyone up to speed;

  • Race starts in Miami. Key teams being Romber, Team Guido, Half of the Frat boys from AR9, and Oswald and Danny.
  • First leg is to South America (Quito, Ecuador) where all the team spent the night with fixed departures for the next day (7, 7:15 and 7:30).
  • Detour for this leg was to search a field for parts of a uniform or wrangle some horse and trim their hooves. Not a tough decision since looking for crap in a field can take a while but Romber had enough of a lead where they could change tasks and not loose their position.
  • End Result of the First Leg in Ecuador: Romber in First; Don Vito and his old GF were eliminated.
    Episode 2
  • Teams starts in Ecuador and head south to Chile.
  • The first Road Block was pretty interesting; team piled into a board room and had to identify all the letters in the room and, by using the pictures in the room, determine the next destination from the letters. The next leg was a huge copper mine a short flight north from Santiago.
  • The mine was the site of the detour where teams had to either bolt a wheel onto a huge dump truck or pile dirt up via a front loader. Romber handled the detour no problem while other teams struggled on the bolting of the wheel.
  • End result: Romber in First; Kevin & Drew in last and elminated. I was very disappointed with how K&D ran the race. The last 10 years since AR1 were pretty hard on them.
    Episode 3
  • The Race continues in Chile.
  • Road Block was moving fish around to read the clue on the bottom of the tank. Very entertaining stuff. Lots of driving and scenery in this leg.
  • Team Guido screwed up the clue and ended up thrashing around until they ended up behind Team Mirna/Shmirna. Lots of feathers were ruffled at this point.
  • Detour was climb or raft. Everyone went for the rafting with one exception: the beauty queens.
  • BEauty Queens missed the Detour and ended up at one of the options. They ended up at the pit stop still missing their clue but having completed the rafting part of the detour. Thanks to some horrible navigation by Team Guido, Mirna/Shmirna and Team KY, they were able to land back at the pitstop and in their same position (4th).
  • End Result: Romber in first again. Team Kentuky was shown the door.

So there we are. Still in South America, Chile to be precise, and no non-elimination legs to date.