Anyone Playing Alliance on Baelgun?

Or does anyone know a GWJ related or styled guild for Alliance on Baelgun?

I have a 23 shammy thats lookin for idle banter and casual questing.

I have 3 of my lowbie alts on Baelgun. Highest is a 20 Night Elf hunter named Jebydiah. I'd love to get him in a guild if you find one; he's been woefully neglected since TBC hit.

I've got a couple of low 40 alts on the Alliance side of Bael as well. BoV has an Alliance guild there as well name Blades of Valor. I'm sure they'd love a few more if you didn't go the GWJ route.

Thanks guys.

Ill try and hook up with BoV then. Is there a contact name I should be looking for?

I do sign on to the gwj chat channel when I log in so say hello if your on. My shammy's name is Selani.


Just do a "/who Blades" and that should show you who's on.