Pred's Big Summer PC Upgrade Adventure! *UPDATE* It's Dead Jim

**golf announcer's voice**

Undoubtably he is installing the new processor. The pins on those babies are very sensitive, known to snap or bend in a mild breeze, voiding the warranty and causing grown men to weep like children. Following the directions on thermal paste, just a pin head's, that just seems wrong....a bit more....a bit more...spread it around.....a bit-Oh, crap, what can i wipe that with....

/golf announcer

Okay. Nobody sneeze, or even think unkind thoughts....

...I think it's working. I'm posting from it, it's turning on and off with no troubles, I think we're okay. Think. The sad fact is that i'm going to be on pins and needles with this thing for a good six months.

Isn't pins and needles when you're numb?

Congratulations, Pred. I've been following this thread for some time now
How much did the new processor cost in the end? Did you try and return the old one?

Wow, that really sucks... bad CPU is extremely rare. No wonder it took a year to figure out.

Stress Test!!!!!!!!

Be on for BF2142 tonight?

Congrats! I'm glad the Shuttle worked out for you in the end. Mine is working great, as are three of my friends'. It's a shame you had such trouble with it.

Well, technically, the SHUTTLE was never the problem, eh?

SwampYankee wrote:

Stress Test!!!!!!!!

Be on for BF2142 tonight?

Erm, no. Didn't buy it, as of yet, have no plans to.

I don't know who you are anymore.