Pred's Big Summer PC Upgrade Adventure! *UPDATE* It's Dead Jim

I've been trusting Crucial for my memory needs for the past few years, but this would be a cheaper upgrade from the stuff that I had on my wishlist already, but some of the stuff i'm reading from users on the sticks isn't making me smile (Boot-Failures, etc). Let me do some research, see if they're compatible with the Motherboard. If so, then thanks Edwin.

If not I'll find you something else.

Perhaps something of equal capability from Crucial or Corsair for cheap?

Also check out Mushkin. I hear they are quite good.

Placed part of the order today (Raptor HD, Processor, Shuttle Barebones Kit, Thermal Paste, DVD drive, Floppy drive, Windows XP Media Center Edition) and will be placing the rest on Saturday. Once again, i'd like to thank everyone for their immense help, and for saving me a few extra bucks here and there. I'll try to post pictures once i've got the new PC up and running.

Edwin wrote:

Also check out Mushkin. I hear they are quite good.

I've used Mushkin in a number of builds and have always found them to be pretty stable. With that said, when purchasing RAM, I find it more useful to read the reviews/comments from the motherboard (in this case your Shuttle). You'll often find people posting their specific memory configurations.

Keep us posted.

Pred, I had a little trouble getting my shuttle to boot. Don't know exactly what the problem was, but I just took everything out and put it all back in again and it worked.

Not a very high tech fix, but if you have any problems give that a try.

Have fun putting the Shuttle together, the whole time I was like, "Wow, that's such a clever way to put this in!" the hard drive mounting is especially cool.

Quickie Update:

f*ck, NewEgg is fast. I placed the order, placed the order at 1:30 in the morining on August 9th. Today, it shows up on my porch by 1 PM. I mean, that's almost uneccessary.

The Shuttle PC is gorgeous. I can't say how much I like this thing. I will definetly be ordering the carrying bag that goes with it. I cracked it open and took a look inside, and I think i'm in love.

Hmm... I am heading over to the land of the rising sun next year, and a shuttle might be just the ticket. Please keep up with the impressions as you proceed with the build-out. I am definitley going to need to conserve space when I am living a matchbox apartment.

Dutty, I already have the same shuttle chassis as Pred.
I suggest you go ahead and order it, it's great-looking, works flawlessly, and fit my 7900GT, three hard drives, dvd burner perfectly.

I don't have any complaints other than the initial bootup problems that were probably a mistake I made somewhere.

Well, I am not going to order it until next spring at the earliest as I won't be leaving for another 10-11 months. However, I do like what I hear, because it would be really nice to be able to pack up my pc and take it with me on the plane. I would not want to have to worry about shipping it all that way. For now I will keep my enormous tower as I have plenty of room in my enormous american apartment!

So Pred, any updates?

I checked Pred's wish list and its exactly what I'm looking for too, with the exception of a monitor. The idea of building a pc from scratch is daunting though, and I'd rather have the company I order from assemble it for me. Also, -DUMB QUESTION ALERT- I already have Windows XP, why do I have to pay for it again if I'm removing it from my old pc? Seems like I could send them my proof-of-ownership code and save $109.

RM, if you find only the CPU install to be the daunting part, check out the "CPU Motherboard Bundles" at MWAVE.COM. They will take the CPU/heatsink&fan, MB, and RAM that you order and assemble them and test them for $9. Then they ship them to you, you put it in your case, attache the cable & video card and bada-bing. I do that, and I love MWAVE.

As for the XP, if is a coopy that was sold to you OEM with a specific system, they'll bust your balls. If you just bought it then you should be all set. You'll just need to call them.

SwampYankee wrote:

So Pred, any updates?

Yes, yes, yes, we got your PM Mr. Antsy-Oldy-Pants.

We are still currently at the place we were when we last updated, which is to say that we have everything but the RAM and the Graphics Card, due to insufficient funds. Sufficient funds will appear by Friday, however, given that we will be watching Messeurs Petty and Grohl rock out this weekend, we probably won't get to actually slap the whole shebangabang together until Monday or Tuesday, if we are able to order the final parts by Friday/Saturday. When the new PC is up and running, and once we've purchased all the goddamn Firewall/Anti-Virus material we'll need, then we'll post about how awesome it is.

RunningMan, i'm with you on the whole "Fear of CPU Installation" thing. However, i've found a number of fantastic guides online, and given that Shuttle's done half the heavy lifting for me, i'm willing to take the chance, albeit with the proper levels of insane over-protectiveness (all currently delivered parts are sitting in the basement, which does not get over 70F, whilst I have ordered a batch of surgical gloves and TWO shock insulators because if nothing else i'm going to be grounded dammit). for your free anti-virus needs.

You would need to ask someone for firewall advice.

I was just going to buy another copy of Nod32 Wombat, since they've done me so well so far, although, as always, not being an idiot is the #1 to stop viruses.

Yar. Nod32 is still the best (in my opinion). Just another option if you wanted something free.

Zone Alarm for firewall.

ZA was my preference as well, neither company has done me wrong.

Compare this "Nod32" of which you speak and Norton AV 06 for my edification and amusement.

I demand it!

Nod32 - A really, really good BJ.

NAV - Poopie.

Edwin wrote:

Yar. Nod32 is still the best (in my opinion). Just another option if you wanted something free.

Nod32 is free?

No. $39 a year.

Edwin wrote:

No. $39 a year.

Right, I didn't think it was... but the text of your post led me to believe it was.

Damn you, antecedents!

One more vote for nod32. 3 years running, 0 virus infections.

Prederick wrote:

Nod32 - A really, really good BJ.

NAV - Poopie.

I laughed.

Just placed the last of the orders today. Stuff should arrive by Monday or Tuesday, so midweek, i'll give you the lowdown on "Pred's Brand New System!"

I want baby pictures!

I'm about ready to order one based on Pred's. A few changes like just one SATA 150gb 10k HD.

I think I will go with the stock cooling fan on the processor.