Amazon S3

Anybody used this for backup yet? I'm trying it out using S3drive to map it as a network drive in windows. Impressive pricing, even though upload takes forever even via fiber.

It sounds nice and comprehensive, but I'm kind of morally opposed to paying for online backups. Why not make your own incremental backup over the Internet using a suitable utility and an FTP server at your relatives' house ? You don't need much bandwidth for continuous incremental backup, really.

I guess a paid Internet backup could work for private documents/diaries/coughporncough, but other than that...

Well, I lost my primary music drive yesterday. 80+ gb of music. Thankfully had a local backup available from just a couple of weeks ago, but it's painful to recover. I'm testing out S3 to see if it's worth it, since the pricing is so darn attractive.

At 15 cents per gig per month, it seems expensive to use as a backup. Assuming 100 gigs, that's $15/mo for storage, and then another $20 if you need to restore.

With 250-gig drives down to like $90, it seems like it would be smarter to just buy one of those and store it offsite. If you filled the drive, you'd pay for it in about three months.