Games You'd Like To See

TheGameguru wrote:

I want an official Autoduel Online Game...and I want it to be a MMORPG.

I want it to have a full fledged FP engine with real time combat ala Hellgate:London and a Driving engine with real time physics and deforming cars. I want real time destructible environment with included physics engine. i.e. if I rocket blast a chunk of wall onto someone or someones car I want to actually see it happen.. and crush or dent (depending on the car) the car and surrounding environment.

I want it to have quests and PVE but at the same time a fully PVP environment.. perhaps PVP zones? not battlegrounds though.. it should be seemless.. perhaps simply far enough outside of town areas it becomes PVP. I want the game to have ongoing Autoduel Championships.. with weight classes etc.. you'd have to mark down the time and drive yourself to the arena.. sign in.. whatever but it happens in real time.. you can walk in and be a spectator as well.

The game should be huge.. I'd say perhaps 1/4 scale of the USA.. so if it takes you 4 hours to drive from Philly to Pitt. it takes you 1 hour in game time (provided nothing happens along the way)...

Sorry, I came late to the discussion. Most old timers will remember the discussion we had about Autoduel a few years ago, before Auto Assault went live. What Gameguru describes here is exactly what I'm looking for in an online game. Biker gangs, massive pvp battles in a deserted area, a smallscale version of the USA, and the ability to exit your vehicle for whatever reason. WoW and LOTR Online seem to have the fantasy/medieval genre sewn up tight, but the Autoduel theme might appeal to a different demographic.

I had this idea while watching Saw 3 the other day (a mistake I shall never repeat) - someone should grab the Saw license and make a WarioWare-inspired Wii game with it, where each of the minigames would be a different sort of deathtrap that would kill the player if s/he runs out of time or makes a mistake in solving the puzzle. I'm not a fan of the license (my girlfriend keeps watching them), but I'm pretty sure I'd still play the game, if only for the ridiculousness of it all. It would be like a modern day Time Killers - I'd hate myself when I played that game, but I always came back.