Europa Universalis 3

I'm playing England in the 1492 scenario. It is the 1530s and I have colonized most of the east coast of North America and all of Cuba. Spain and Portugal have some colonies in South and Central America. I've been playing very peacefully whenever possible. Unfortunately, my alliance with Portugal has gotten me into trouble as they have drawn me into wars with Morocco numerous times and a single disasterous war against an alliance of Castille, Navarre, and Aragon. In the Moroccan wars I didn't even bother sending troops and just let Portugal fight it out. They continually swapped Gibraltar back and forth. Eventually, I would just offer a white peace to Morocco and they would accept. For some dumb reason I decided to send some troops to assist Portugal in the last war against the Spanish alliance. I offloaded my expeditionary force of 5000 men near Lisboa. They were promptly routed by a Castillian army twice the size. I was able to reload them and shamefully make my escape after losing 2000 men. Since I was the leader of our alliance (despite Portugal being the one continually picking the fights) I had to pay all of my ducats in a peace deal. After that fiasco I broke my alliance with Portugal and now have concentrated on colonization and building my presence in Centers of Trade. My navy is pretty dominant as I've invested in Naval tech and have a nice Naval tradition % going. Currently I am in the #1 country spot.

For the cheapos among us: EU3 is on sale at Circuit City on 2/11-2/17 for $29.99. Take that ad to Best Buy with the current Gamepro $10 off any PC game, and EU3 is 20 bones. I'll pick it up then.

(Thanks to for this info).

What's the GamePro $10 off thing?

The latest issue of Gamepro (with Mario on the cover as man of the year) has a coupon in it for $10 off any PC game 29.99 or more. has scans of these coupons that you can download and print out (and they work).

Is it just me, or is there a distinct lack of show-stopping bugs in this game? Unusual for Paradox, frankly.

So any advice on colonization and exploring? I just got the advance to do that, and I'm sort of behind the curve in the game, I think. How many ships should I put in an expedition? Troops? Conquistadors?

Exploration isnt too bad. I was able to reveal a lot of territory with just 2 barques and Cristobol Colon. I think they eventually sunk when I forgot about them and left them off the coast of south america. Oops.

Putting troops on a revealed and unoccupied province (even just 1 regiment) seems like a good idea since pacifying the natives seems to increase colonists chances. I won't give much advice about Conquistadors since I get by ass beat up and down the continent every time I have tried to take provinces from the Aztec, Maya or Inca. Some of their armies can get up to 20,000 troops which can't defeat your smaller armies but their morale can't withstand the onslaught. I think you'd need 10-15k troops to really have a chance against them.

A nice review from Eurogamer. I guess it nails the game down perfectly. And it has Scots colonizing America.

What I find is that his general feeling of being overwhelmed gradually goes away as you develop a system for play. Just as a pilot has a "scan" he does of all the wierd dials and gauges cluttering up his cockpit, the EU3 player develops a way of skimming the indicators to know when to drill down into a menu and when to leave it alone. He turns the game speed up faster and faster and the game really tears along during the downtimes, waiting out truces or building up relations before diplomatic annexation, then dropping into a more leisurely pace during active wars and exploration and the like.

So there's definitely another level of play that he's not got to. BTW, the same hold true for Paradox's other similar games - HOI2 and Victoria, for example.

Now I want to play.

I just found a lone CE at Target for $49.99. I took it as a sign, so I bought it.

Alien13z wrote:

I just found a lone CE at Target for $49.99. I took it as a sign, so I bought it.

Picked it up for 19.99 on Sunday from Best Buy using the circuit city ad and the gamepro $10 coupon. See my above post for details.

Robear, which do you like better,EU3 or SE5? I'm sick of NWN2 and want a new 4x game to play while I wait for my copy of the GalCiv2 expansion to get here.

Well, let's hope that strategy guide is worth a 150% markup.

Alien13z wrote:

Well, let's hope that strategy guide is worth a 150% markup. :drink:

Sorry Alien13z, wasn't trying to poop on your post.

Dezlen wrote:

EU3, SE5, NWN2, 4x, GalCiv2


Dezlen wrote:
Alien13z wrote:

Well, let's hope that strategy guide is worth a 150% markup. :drink:

Sorry Alien13z, wasn't trying to poop on your post.

That's beer the guy's drinking.

EU3, Dez, definitely. I'm still waiting for the SE5 bugs to get sorted, sad to say.

The strat guide would be invaluable for someone learning the system.

Any way I can get the game for cheap online? My Best Buy doesn't have the game at all that I saw.. but they could have just sold out. Very unlikely, though.

Anywho, I've been playing the game (borrowed from a friend in case you are confused) and the overwhelmed feeling is slowly starting to wear off. I took some excellent advice from Robear about looking at the game completely different from other strategy games I play. This has helped a lot since I'm known to tinker with every little thing I can in CivIII and IV, but what other advice do you all have for a beginner? I'm hoping I can find the CE online somehow around the same ~$20 range and continue the fun.

That review is awesome.

So desperate was I to claim ownership of each American province before the filthy English took advantage of my discovery that I had to take some steps to help my colonists out. I, um, did a little bit of genocide. Ethnic cleansing, in fact. I had a regiment of soldiers touring the continent, deliberately wiping out every last native, so there wouldn't be even the slightest chance of resistance once my pioneers arrived. It was so easy to do - all it required was pressing an innocuous grey button. Every time I did so, 100 people died. I think it's the worst thing I've ever done in a game - I didn't have to do it, and I wasn't punished for it. It was an option, one of a great many the game gave me, and I took it. I could have bought off a load of Cardinals to gain Papal favour, or falsely declared rights to the crown of Munster just so I had a credible reason to invade Ireland. But because my personally-selected goal took the form it did, I was worse than Hitler - and just to increase the chances of a new colony taking off by a few per cent. I'm history's greatest monster, but dammit, I conquered America with Scotland.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be afraid. Somehow, I don't see this as being less evil, technically, than GTA.

Even though I was a huge fan of the first two games I delayed picking it up because I didn't think I could pull myself away from the Burning Crusade. I finnaly got it last week and I am very happy with how it turned out. I can't put my finger on what has actually improved, but its a much more polished and engaging experience in almost every respect.

I haven't tried any of the European countries yet so I am missing out on the Holy See and HRE but damn if my Tibetan hordes aren't carving themselves out a respectable land mass in Central Asia.

Tibet?! Very nice, very nice indeed.

Currently turning Bohemia into merchant superstate, marrying all over the place, claiming throne now and then and loving every minute of it

wanderingtaoist wrote:

Currently turning Bohemia into merchant superstate, marrying all over the place, claiming throne now and then and loving every minute of it :)

I've turned Bohemia into the scourge of Central Europe. In 150 years I've expanded my empire from the tip of Jylland to the Mediterranean, from Switzerland to Lithuania. The emperor of Austria is my vassal, and he's grateful for the opportunity. I fear only the Franco-Burgundian alliance. But not for long.

This game is really great. The strategy guide helped an enormous amount. I couldn't get into EU1, but I am definitely over the hump with EU3.

Unrelated question: Got advice for earning decent early income? I was doing okay getting about 50 ducats a year without minting money so I could build workshops in my provinces but it appears that the next step up from that is the manufactury and another related structure that cost 1000! I've rarely had more than 100 at any time and its too tempting to spend that to let it sit for 20 years to have enough to build that manufactury (and watch it all disappear for a measly 6-12 annual boost)

The real benefit of the manufactories is the 5% boost to a particular tech. The strategy guide says that the first manufactory will pay itself off in 8 years compared to direct tech investment. I was way behind on production tech but with 3 production manufactories I am slowly but steadily gaining ground.

Alright, so half of Europe is mine. Mainly the southern half since I started off (maybe stupidly) as France. However, it seems like the rest of the continent isn't too keen on becoming part of my glorious empire so they are, for the lack of better terms, beating the snot out of me on the front lines of my ongoing war.

Are there any tips for the late game woes? Obviously most of the countries have put aside their differences to deal with their greatest threat (VIVA LA FRANCE) so it doesn't look like I can get them to start whacking one another again to strengthen my chances of taking them down.

You know, peace is an option in Europa, guys. Just an FYI.

wordsmythe wrote:

You know, peace is an option in Europa, guys. Just an FYI.

Stop the crazy talk.

Stop yo jibba jabba!

I haven't gotten to the late game yet. I didn't really like having to micromanage all my units last night in my smackdown with Burgundy and might restart.

But if your bad boy rating is too high, just turtle for a while and wait for it to come down, and don't get into another fight until you're honorable. As far as I know, there isn't anything special in the end game that would invalidate that strategy.

I've taken a break, since work and home life have been pretty stressful. Probably pick up again this weekend.

Vrikk, there is a point of success where every hand turns against you. Maybe you hit it. As Alien said, settle your business and wait it out.

Well, finally read up on colonization, grabbed a Conquistador and an Explorer, and headed out to the New World. It's now 1501 and I have two level 3 colonies and two level 1's. Colonization is a lot easier to understand and handle in this version of the game, and it absolutely adds to the gameplay immensely. I love it.

Too... too much success? Can it be that I actually have achieved too much skill in a game where I have to stop kicking ass?

Oh man, this game is turning into a big sleeper hit for me.