Login to Windows Live to access a Media Folder?

I'm about to hit the net to figure this issue out or get some clues so I thought I may as well try here as well.

Situation: I recently purchased a Western Digital 500GB iBook USB external drive and offloaded a bunch of my media to it.
My Media folder has a bunch of subfolders like Comics, Documents, Movies, Music, etc...
When I doubleclick on my Music folder I get a popup dialog window that asks me to log into the Windows Live service. My computer also acts 'busy' not allowing me to click on any part of the login dialog until I switch tasks and switch back to the window. I cannot interact with the explorer window until I resolve the dialog. Canceling out drops me back in the main media folder and if I then doubleclick on Music again it lets me in... until I open a new window or drop back to the main media folder. I have not logged into Live using this dialog.
I can create a shortcut directly to the music folder and I do not get the login box. If I go up one folder level and try to go back into Music I get the login box.

It only does this with the Music folder.
I'm sharing this folder using TVersity so I cannot rename it at the moment, but this was happening before I created the share as well.
I do not generally keep my Live login active, nor do I allow the service to autostart at bootup.

Any ideas?

I'm off to the Western Digital forums to see if this has anything to do with the hardware... which would be really weird. Google can't seem to get me anything relevant... and seriously, what the hell would I google anyway?


Have you tried something like procmon to see what's calling the login? Do you have any DRM protected WMx's?