Looking for low-price video card

I don't think Splinter Cell: Double Agent likes my Radeon 9600 Pro. It won't run at all (I need to look and see if there's a patch). Anyway, seeing as how my birthday is coming up, I figured I might as well consider an overdue upgrade. I try to upgrade my video card once every 2 to 4 years on average, and I never get bleeding edge. I prefer to go to the tried and true older cards, something in the $125 to $175 price range.

So what kind of recommendations do you have for cards around that range? I'm not picky or biased towards a particular company. nVidia and ATI chipsets are both fine. (I'd prefer to stay away from PNY, since I had a PNY GeForce 4400 that didn't even last a year.) My current board only has AGP, so keep that in mind.

SC:DA won't run on that card because it won't run on Shader Model 2 cards and no ATI cards before the X1x00 series support Shader Model 3.

Is your video slot AGP or PCI-e? Your options for an SM 3.0 upgrade are more limited if you're going AGP, but there are some options out there.

Oh yeah! Sorry, I forgot to mention it's AGP. Updated.

A couple of companies JUST came out with AGP versions of the x1950Pro. Availability isn't good yet so prices are on the high side, but I've still seen them for < $250. This is the fastest card you can get for AGP, although I read that Powercolor was showing an AGP x1950XT at CES.

I'm going to pick one up to replace my ancient 9800 Pro within the next few weeks.

You can get an AGP 7600GT for just under $200. The closest ATI competitor looks to be the AGP X1650 Pro, which you can find for about $150-180.

I can't seem to find any 7600 GT's with 512MB. Does this line cap out at 256?

Any thoughts on this?

I don't think the memory is going to make a difference at the resolutions these cards can handle. Of the 7600 GT and x1650 Pro, I would get whichever is cheaper unless you have a brand preference.