Congratulations, *Legion*!

Rat Boy wrote:

Getting married on the weekend of the divisional playoffs? Gee, I wonder whose idea that was. :drink:

Well since Jacksonville was out, his schedule was free.

Congrats Legion.

Congrats on beating the dating game! I'm coming up on my first anniversary soon, and I've never been happier. One thing to watch out for is weight gain - I used to just sit at my PC for hours and forget to eat, but spouses don't tend to approve of that sort of thing. I had to make an effort to control my diet for the first time ever about 6 months in.

Congrats Legion! Don't blow it

Logan wrote:

Palm Treo with GWJ Mobile. He's probably typing while eating at Disneyland.

Actually so far it's been laptop with hotel wifi at Pismo Beach.

Our next stop, in Santa Catalina, appears to have wifi too. Score!

LeapingGnome wrote:

Well since Jacksonville was out, his schedule was free. :P

Sad but true.

The wedding ceremony itself actually took place during the Saturday AFC Divisional playoff game.

Had Jacksonville been in that game, Logan's job would have been drive & score updates immediately before and after the ceremony, and all throughout the reception.