Re-editing DVD's: Best Programs?

Here's my dilemma: my son loves Star Wars but, being three and a half, can't really stomach all the 'slow' parts in each film. He's all about the lightsaber battles, the fast moving ships, etc.... Obviously, I have all six Star Wars films and I've used DVD Shrink to make copies for him so he doesn't scratch up the original discs (he's already gone through a few discs, at this point).

What I've been thinking of doing lately is essentially extract all the parts he likes from each movie, and burning them to DVD, sort of a video 'mix tape' if you will. That's why I'm wondering if anyone has done something similar already, and if so which program (or programs) did you use? Preferably, I'm looking for open source programs, but if there's one program that 'does it all', I'm game to look into it as well. Any suggestions?

PS: I'm in Canada, so the DMCA doesn't really apply. Besides, this completely falls into 'Fair Use' territory if you ask me.

It's not open sorce (or free) but Premiere Elements will do this.

Your Canadian safeguards for fair-use may be soon coming to an end as well.

Not free, have worked with it for a bit. Has a nice wizard to do small things.

PS. please upload the movie once finished, I could use some nice lightsaber battles without the "Nooooooooooooo" myself.

Let me echo both Premiere and Photoshop Elements. A friend of mine is a professional designer and lives in the "real" versions of these, and has confided in me he really prefers these "lite versions" right up until there's something arcane that needs doin'. I use both.

A few years back, we bought a Mini-DV camera, and needed a way to get the video onto a PC - USB is waaaaaay too slow and feature-anemic. So I asked around and got a firewire card(before I had a PC with firewire built-in, gimme a break) and the package deal came with Premiere(full) and PowerDVD. For just a couple hundred bucks, that's hard to beat.

Then, yesterday, I was trying to find a way to convert some PAL AVIs to NTSC and put them on a DVD, and found ConvertXToDVD. If I need to burn even just one more DVD, I'm paying for the full version(which doesn't watermark the video output) at $40. Sooo worth it and sooooo easy to use. I bet my dad could make movies with it.

Pretty much all of the programs listed seem to have a demo, so that's perfect! I'll give them a whirl and see which one works better for me.

And Koning, once I make the DVD, I'll upload it somewhere so you can grab a copy!