Age of Conan: Anyone in beta, anyone have more info?

In a nutshell I think WoW is starting to wain for our group of gamers. We will all partake i nthe goodness that is BC, but I suspect that come mid summer we will be looking for an alternative.

Having dabbled in Vanguard for the last couple of days, I am not sure it will be a replacement.

Has anyone dabbled in Age of Conan? I am interested in finding out more than is posted on the web.

I suspect that anyone in the beta at this point is under NDA, but a few general comments would be nice.


Been trying to get into this Beta for awhile (same with Warhammer) without any success. And I have to agree w/ you on Vanguard... just something about it that... well just isnt fun =/


I wanted to be excited about Vanguard, but I barely have time for a casual friendly MMO much less a 'hardcore' one. Conan is next on my list as far as interest goes. The combat seems interesting, all real time, no 'auto-attack'. A new video was just released here (first video on the page). Pretty nice looking world.

Time will tell I reckon.

God dammit Garrad, why did you have to go and steal Ganguro's horrifying avatar? Just creeps me right the hell out.

I'd like to try Conan but I won't be paying a subscription fee.

God dammit Garrad, why did you have to go and steal Ganguro's horrifying avatar?

Sorry Lobster, switched away from the bear a while ago and have not switched back. I cannot remember why I even switched in the first place.


I've taken the necessary steps to get into the Beta, but haven't heard anything further.
I think it looks awesome. I'm definitely ready, even if I only play it for a couple months or so.

EDIT: So, I wonder what the visual difference is going to be between the DX9 and DX10 versions. Maybe this is a case to wait for and purchase a DX10 GPU...

Another video for your viewing pleasure. Best one yet.

There is still an NDA so.... I don't know anyone in the beta.

Delayed until October 07.


I'm very interested in Conan, both because I am a Conan fan, and because I want a different MMO. I would like to find something that's deeper than WoW. For me, you have to bring your own fun to WoW, primarily through grouping (others like my fiancee would disagree; she does almost nothing but solo, and seems to be happy with it). I'm looking for something where the quests and such are inherently fun, not just kill 10 rats over and over again.

Too much of the fun of WoW is in seeing your character develop - which is something that SHOULD be fun, but unless I was in a good group, I rarely felt like the journey itself was much fun. I want a game where the play experience is fun in and of itself, and any levels or abilities gained is just the frosting on the cake.

I really loved DDO, as I've mentioned before, but I felt like it would only really work with a regular group of people. What I did like was the very cool dungeons, which featured 3D geography and exploration.

So I'm hoping that something in the next generation of MMO will be really, really fun in and of itself, and that my fiancee will also enjoy.

By Grom's left testicle!

As long as there's a subscription fee, I'm out. Though I'll tell you this much, if someone offered me a lifetime subscription to WoW for $200, I'd jump on it. If Age of Conan turns out to be as good as it looks and has a similar offer, I just might bite.