Does your Gaming hobby drive your life?

Considering I'm wearing this shirt, and own this one, this one, this one, and this one, I think it should be painfully obvious.

Also, I sooo want this shirt.

Bru wrote:

Pinky finger on left shift - ring on A - middle on W - pointer on D - thumb on spacebar. I'm not even sure how long I've been doing that. What's worse, even when I intentionally set them to ASDF to type, they eventually move right back to WASD. Considering my professional life consists of a lot of typing I'm not sure if I should be slightly proud or slightly worried.

That's awesome. After years of using Emacs, my pinky fingers sometimes automatically gravitate towards the CTRL key. In case I need to quickly hit C-a, C-e, or C-x C-s.

I had to untrain myself from those keybindings, though, when I painfully discovered that CTRL-a, bound to "beginning of line" in Emacs, was also bound to "send this email" in Outlook. I discovered that in the middle of writing an email, of course.

I've done the same, Doi. I decided to spend less time on projects that involved using my Linux machine after that.

Access DBs FTW!